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Intranetus Injection, Or Baking In The Technology Bloat, Sunrise Edition

07 Apr


If Looks Could Kill


Mon, 7 Apr 1997 03:58:07

The navigation bar you created, combined with the color (which looks great on my Wintel machine and fantastic on my Mac) is simply brilliant. I hope that no one will protest the button bar at the top. In creating a very simple text on solid background image, I noticed huge differences in the saturation of the image between the two monitors. Just tried adjusting the brightness, with great success.

Thanks again for all your help—I'm back in the game...

Peace. Love. Imagemaps.


P[e]S: Place all of these attachments in one folder, and start with opening.htm. Much work to be done, but gotta take care of some techie stuff first. Also, feel free to call at any point. If you're up early, I will probably still be up. And any comments on my material would be welcome (keeping in mind that it's still pre-alpha, of course).


blindWE MOURN THE PASSING. Allen Ginsberg's dead.The poet laureate of the Beat Generation died Saturday at his home in Manhattan. His liver quit living.

Steve. Tried to read your files first thing this morning. Nothing I have would read the text. I discovered that I did not have MacLinkPlus which I used successfully to convert Bracken's DOS WordPerfect files, on my machine just a few months ago. Poor housekeeping. Remind me to reprimand Hazel. Your files meanwhile are blank doc icons, not even PC tagged. So I fileshared IMOTE (my Mac) with HEDRICK (Sue's), and 3/4 of her drive was locked, feeding me garbage about not having enough access privileges. I went on to other things. Later I called Sue to troubleshoot that little annoyance, but have been too focussed on building the iMote Bookskellar to tear away. Will eyeball and get back to you later on that.

Did I already tell you that yesterday afternoon that Betty Sue's colleague Karen, and her boyfriend Pitch, brought her home from the airport? Yes I did, but did I tell you that he works in Public Relations for the Navy at the Pentagon, was impressed with what he had the short time to see of my site, and is perhaps interested in farming design work my way.

Mmmm...maybe you primed the pump, Intranetus.



"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""