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Not To Flatter Memphis To Pieces

07 Oct




Date: Wed Oct 7, 1998 10:24:49 AM

Hello Memphis, I just visited your website. Great concept! You have obviously only just begun fleshing out the neighborhoods, but the idea is noteworthy. I am a former ANC6B chairperson from the early part of this decade, and am now running a web, mail and DNS network here from Capitol Hill. If you see Freddy the Falcon out there flinging superficial biggies to the roddy whites who've broken the rhythm of the streets into noxious little parcels, look out. We can't seed another Tesla, Edison, Westinghouse fiasco. No doubt you realize we're sitting on the Tidewater fault line, and certain city planners want to bring back trolleys. The race is on. I too, had hoped to map the city, or at least my own neck of the woods with an Internet presence, but you seemed to have beaten me to the punch. Fabulous domain name you've got. However, the purpose of this note is not to flatter you to pieces but to make contact with the hope that perhaps there is a way we can work together on this project. If you are interested please contact me,

Gabriel Thy
Design Director/Webmaster
Internet Made Only Too Easy

Recommend Avoidance Of Frames

12 May

Avoidance of Frames

Avoidance of Frames


Date: Tue May 12, 1998 1:08:47 PM

Greetings Jim—No answer at your office this morning, but I've researched the AOL proprietary protocols, and have concluded that once you have established the INCOMING directory, we can get started. I cannot access your utilties or upload buttons at this time (read below in the "TO UPLOAD A FILE to another member's FTP space" section, if you are uncertain what I am addressing). Of course, I am perplexed how Aaron has worked your site without this incoming directory in place. The most obvious answer is that he knows your password as an AOL insider. I also don't like the way he has set up the site with regards to directories, and would prefer, as you've also suggested, to start from scratch.

You know, after looking at this site a bit closer, it is rather simple, and can probably be done at around $500 if you settle for an HTML solution to your trivia quiz instead of Java, and if you avoid frames but opt for simple redundancy in appropriate places on your pages. I'd recommend the avoidance of frames. The same look can be accomplished with less complexity, and this serves both YOU in cost savings and potential visitors who may not have a framesworthy web browser, in nasty machine crashes or blank screens.

I see no problem in finishing your site in two days once all the preliminaries are out of the way. But for this to run smoothly, I must have access (YOU MUST CREATE THE INCOMING DIRECTORY) and a check for at least half the amount due. I will post the WireDoctor on the iMote site until you have signed off on the work, and have paid the remainder due, then the site will be transferred to your AOL account. Original graphics (animated and static) are the big money items, but my policy is to guarantee you will LOVE the $800 solution. Less flash and glitter shave your costs down to $500. It will still look professionally done, but will be slightly less graphics intensive.

Jim, let me be honest. My contracts are usually in the $2-3K range. Your job is smaller than what I usually accept, but your web vision is both interesting enough and complex enough to intrigue me so that I am willing to accept your business at somewhat lower rates. If you agree that you wish to sign on with Graphic Solutions Ink Systems, please call me to confirm the level of design you wish. And as I said last night, regardless of your decision, I look forward to having an outside electrical outlet installed.

One other thought, I think that YOU will have to transfer the site from the incoming directory to the default directory in order for it to be accessed by the general public. Of course this would be unnecessary, if I worked directly with password access, but for your own security since you will be handling the updates anyhow, I (and AOL policy) recommend you not give out your password since you still need to learn how to transfer files in order to keep the WireDoctor site refreshed.


Gabriel Thy
Creative Director
Graphic Solutions Ink Systems


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