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Price Is A Big Factor

05 Dec




Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 06:22:14

Hi Gabriel, thanks for writing... basically I was told by one of our authors (Jim Keith) that Len had submitted his book to Adam already typeset and on disk. However, Len told me that Adam had to re-do the project, but didn't explain why, so I don't really know exactly what the story is there.. I was trying to throw some biz to Len, assuming that it was he who did the typesetting. We're small and price is a big factor so I hoping that I would get a good price from Len for interior design. We have a good cover guy at this time.

That's basically the story....If you would like to give me some idea of your pricing structure, I'll get back to you. Thanks again! —Ron Bonds

Date: Mon Dec 8, 1997 10:34:22 AM America/New_York

Hey Ron, the information you have is correct, while vaguely understated. The "reason" that the book was reset was because Bracken made several design choices against my recommendations at the beginning of the project (type size and leading) which pushed the length of the book beyond that which Parfrey was willing to invest. After toiling on the project for mere pennies on the hour I was unwilling to "reset" the book a second time, but did however send Adam a copy of my own registered PageMaker 6.0 to help him along since it was my understanding that he'd only worked from an old pirated version of Quark Express at Feral.

As for being small, I am a one person shouting operation, jobless for most of the 1990s, and have worked for free for way too long. After three years of friendship with Bracken we recently had a parting of the ways after I wrote an online piece that he considered a "betrayal of our friendship." We agreed to give ourselves—in a rather amicable parting—a six months reprieve from each other's mindsap politics and jackhammered idiosyncracies just to clear the air. Thus I was surprised to get a call from him after a mere three weeks, suggesting I contact you.

That said, I understand the nature of cash flow problems, and would be willing to consider a barter, a swap of x-number of typesetting services for an x-number of pages that you would agree to publish in book form from my own work, under your own publishing house credential, or perhaps as an independent venture under my own SAMPLEX PRESS nomenclature. Should this species of business deal appeal to you, please don't hesitate to formulate a proposal to satisfy each of our needs. Pursuant to your query, my own "formal" web design and dtp rates can be found at:

but within the context of a publishing for typesetting barter I am willing to review any proposal you may outline.


Gabriel Thy
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