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Quick Quips From Planet Zilch

05 Jul


Rat Boy


Date: Mon Jul 5, 1999 11:43:37 AM

Hello everyone! Here's that picture I think you are looking for. It was left in the scanner. Did y'all lose the whole batch, or just that one picture? I have TIFFs and JPEGs of each of the ones we borrowed. The remainder should be in your stack.

They predict 102 degrees today. But I whistled out there this morning; cleaned up some alley weeds & trash, and then came in and bucked up to the task of removing a baby rat carcass from a trap beneath the kitchen sink. It had three days of decomposition stink under its neck, pewey, and was in no mood to argue his removal. A second trap was void of peanut butter, and had also been jarred. Into a plastic sack went the dead baby. I baited and reset the two, left the third alone, and now must call the exterminator whom I reached last night in person sometime after 8 PM when I dicovered the rotting critter as he agreed to this morning's appointment. I called again this morning only to reach his answering machine which he's never answered. Sigh.

With lots of ungenerated stink in the house still to come I did the job myself, saved myself $35, and feel pretty good about overcoming my fears. I don't think I could have dealt with a large rat. Just call this a quick quip from Planet Zilch...



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