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September Flurries, Whacky With Crumpled Plans

02 Aug


A Summer of Karen's Best Side


Date: Mon Aug 2, 1999 11:19:11 AM America/New_York

Well, you SHOULD get invited for the Annual Summer Wind event, Karen! Let's tell Sue to tell Skip this just must happen. You are the only guest, to my recollection besides us, to have been invited more than once during the photographed years! Did you know that? I haven't heard any fresh plans, but Skip has put the whole thing off to September because Sue told him we'd be gone TWO weekends in August. But when I heard that the crabfeast was scheduled for August 7th, I told Sue we'd truncate our vacation by a day or two so we wouldn't miss sharing crabs with Grace & Karen (having been scheduled to be on Fripp Island SC August 7-15). Now it seems like this whole summer has gone whacky with crumpled plans and the sort (remember the Fells Point gig?). Alas, we should definitely be in South Carolina on the 14th, but how about sometime in the last half of this month?

Looking ahead for us, in this always busy favorite month of mine, Sunday September 5 and Saturday September 18 are already booked for some short daytripping out of town. And I think Cap'n Bafalis is eyeing September as well. That first year we went, in 1995, remember, when our friend Jack and your sister went it was rather chilly on a Sunday afternoon, but it was still loads of fun even with Char in absentia.

I don't suppose we will host our annual September backyard feast this year after last year's fiasco with the boys in the hood crashing ithe late hours and resulting in my brand new camera getting swiped, but I dunno yet. Last year's was sort of impromptu, and...

Well thanks for your sweet note KS. Miss you and hope we find some nice afternoon to get crabby together very soon...


Are You Feeling Crabby, Girlfriend?

30 Jul


Feeling Crabby


Date: Fri Jul 30, 1999 12:59:15 PM

Hey Karen—howya doing, sweetie pie? Heard through the grapevine that somebody were pitching the annual crab feast for August 7. I got really worked up with belly-gurgling anticipation until I heard last night from Dana Hudson that your mom has plans that weekend. Phooey! But can't WE still go? Sue and I head to South Carolina later that week, and Skip's Summer Wind event will follow soon after. So I'd really would like to lobby for the 7th. Dana said she'd go by herself if she had to, so I guess she wants to bite a fat succulent sea crawler in a big way, so whaddya say KS, are YOU IN, OR WHAT? Also heard you might be there last night for Yolonda's kissoff party, and yep, I for one, was pour me another shot disappointed you didn't make it. Guess that new love interest is keeping you under wraps.


Hi Gabriel, it was great to hear from you! I am feeling sort of crabby but I'm sorry to say that I can't go that weekend. Since my mother couldn't go and Kay and David couldn't go, we thought we would try for another weekend in August. I now have plans for the weekend of August 7th. I will be on a boat trip in Annapolis. You guys can still go without me. I thought we would possibly try for the 14th of August. Will you guys be here then or are you going south? If that weekend doesn't work for you, just let me know when you and Sue are free. When is Skip's boat trip? I hope I get invited this year even though I don't work at Always & Forever anymore.

Yes, the new boyfriend has been taken alot of my time but he is definitely work it. I absolutely adore him. I know Dana got a little annoyed that I'm not going because my mother can't go but she doesn't understand that my mother was the one who first planned this thing last summer. She wanted you, Sue, Kay and David to go. It was me who invited Dana and Rick to join us.

Well, I gotta get to work. I hope to hear from you soon. And I apologize for not making it to Yolanda's party. I didn't leave work that night until 8:00 pm and didn't think you guys would still be there. I didn't know that you were going to be there. You know I would have tried my best to come see you. Take care, Karen

My Brave New World In South Carolina

24 Nov


A Brave New World


Hey Maude, me again! Upbeat? Well, I do find a more perfected joy in building on the Internet, as I've told you before. It's not in the same range as a book, but the creative juices can certainly flow, and perhaps a couple of books will follow. I have added a suite of new powerful features to my web toolbox, and am busy learning the programming skills so that I can offer these to potential clients. THAT makes me happy, and today's been a good day. Those two letters I wrote just now are the first of any sort of lengthy communication I've written in quite some time. That also made me feel good, despite the despressing nature of the writing.

Very soon now I have to leave for the hospital to return this huge jug of acetic acid-spiked 24-hours worth of urine sampling. Will let you know the results of all the tests whenever I hear from the doctor, what a week or so, I dunno. Meanwhile, keep a soft spot in your heart for me. I'm not all sad, it just seems sadness is the most relevant of my psychological features. The burden of strong achievement is not the stuff of candy canes and daffodils, although I've been fortunate to have enjoyed a lion's share of both. I simply live large and live in the extremes, so my bursts of joy are as booming and infectious as my sadness is merely dull. Nuff said.

Am hoping I land this girl's softball league account that's within reach. My contact is on the board of directors which will be meeting this Thursday. I'm excited about that. How about Anna? Will she be joining leagues any time soon? She's still a mite young I suppose, but I read they start them young these days for any competive edge their parents and trainers can muster, if talent shows itself early on.

Will get around to putting up some more Fripp pictures requiring your help soon I reckon, but I usually just work in a certain direction riding pure inertia until the winds change (or I get bored and switch gears) and I'm off in some other direction for a spell. That's both the pleasure and the flaw of working home alone without deadlines and imposed structures to obey. Anything goes. Especially if one has grandiose ambitions with so much always to do, and nothing done today is wasted time since it is already on the very long list of things to do anywaze...

We haven't made any solid plans for Boston yet, but I'm aware that we should get on the stick if we don't want to find ourselves without reservations. Ok. How's your December shaping up?

Long beards and red sox, teasing jolly old saint nix and laughing all the way to my brave, new world in South Carolina...


P.S. Did Karen EVER get a laptop, and an Email account???


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""