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Once Upon A Jewish Girl

11 Oct


Once Upon A Jewish Girl


Date: Sat Oct 11, 1997 9:42:21 AM

Hey Laura, although I had no problem opening with the previous two graphics you sent me, this most recent one, SKELETONS.BMP would not parse for Adobe Photoshop 4.0. Do you have any other more cooperative save options available to you?

Today is Sue's birthday. Mine was two weeks ago. Our 12th wedding anniversary fell two weeks prior on the 13th, so this is truly our most favorite time of the year, and despite not being raised a Jew, I certainly give a nod to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, at least in passing. We are driving to southern Maryland to a bayside crabhouse with friends this afternoon. Tomorrow we are having a small backyard gathering to roast a few birds. If you and Gary are interested in metroing into DC, we live a mere block from the Stadium-Armory metro station in the pink house at 109 Eighteenth Street, SE. We'd love to see you guys.

Did you ever get that homejob you were aiming for? My web design/Internet consulting business is finally taking off. High hopes for a real income may finally be paying off the piper, and that piper is me. My own two sites have not grown much since we last chatted as I've been so busy with business concerns. We've moved the studio down to the basement and have taken on a tenant for the other upstairs bedroom, formerly known as the Computer Room. I've known Peter for a decade, so while he's no stranger, we are finally able to stand each other's company after years of feigned consternation at the mere reputation of the other. He is currently looking for a job after leaving American University after six years of work towards his BA in Literature. Meanwhile he's putting in time at the Mac trying to prove himself worthy of support staff status should the business truly take off.

So that's our story. I know this is short notice, but I do hope you guys can put aside any possible fears I've encountered in most suburbanites of the "city" and drop on by to see us. If not, we'll catch you down the road. Take it easy.

Peace, bones, and battlescars,


A Frilly-Mouthed Backwater Courtesan

05 Nov




Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 12:16:19

Check out what I did from scratch this morning while waiting to jolly off with Blum and Sue and somewhat less so with Tim to vote. (Tim votes in a different precinct since he's never notified the voting board of his change of address):

Ben's recent critique about the ugly font disturbed me, although I recall you liked it so much you asked its name. Your own recent behavior however has influenced me in other ways. Together THE MOTE is the world's...

Odd events hover about this 8500. Pull down the SPECIAL menu bar for RESTART and the machine freezes forcing me to the keyboard juggernaut some three dozen straight restarts. Of course the machine then responds with an extended 2-bit intro, a very very slow reboot, and finally the message box that the machine was improperly restarted. It's been doing this since Saturday, a week after working fine. We have reinstalled the system software twice. Have run SAM 4.0 and Norton, Disk Doctor and my fat fickle fingers through my hair, all to no avail. Sue and I spent all last weekend picking thorns off the Mac. I'm beginning to lose my MacEnvangelista edge...

I really like my new page even though it only leads to two places, well actually one, because the eMail button is simply Netscape's mail interface, but you know what I mean...

The interface clean, friendly, although like a frilly-mouthed backwater courtesan in a few places she is just a damned mite too courteous. There are two dialogue boxes I wish I could turn off but research in that area has offered no solutions.
It's like the road to heaven and hell. It doesn't lead to two places. It only leads to one which is the absence of the other.

Will probably whip up some new minimalist approaches to the West Hollywood and Motor City sites today just to free myself from the strain of low production anxiety blues. Athens needs something but I sort of like it the way it is. Tokyo Beach is still under wraps. Needs beaucoup attention. Blowpoet work still dormant. will feature a JERUSALEM, ROOTS, and GSIS HOMEDOCK section as well. The latter will be the more hip, flippant, eat me, beat me, call me names side of the domain.

Mostly been keeping busy organizing & troubleshooting the new Mac, and from La Cie the contents of all my removable data. Some of the older 45 meg syquests are far too sluggish, hinting at imminent failure even though after reformatting them Norton gives them a clean bill of health. So I may toss or donate those to the man on the street whose name is legion...

Dig this new Eudora Pro. URLs are clickable. The interface clean, friendly, although like a frilly-mouthed backwater courtesan in a few places she is just a damned mite too courteous. There are two dialogue boxes I wish I could turn off but research in that area has offered no solutions.



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