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Snow, Floods, Fat Chances In A Vehicle That Stifles Change

25 Jan


Eating To Oblivion


Date: Wed Jan 25, 1995 1:02:12 PM America/New_York

Hey Space, guess you've heard of the recent deluges that this side of the continent has been suffering through in recent days. So far we've personally only suffered the minor inconveniences of that long melted 30 inches of snow piled up so high there was no going anywhere, and I did finally get sick about three nights ago, and am just now pulling back from the toxic stage into recovery.

There's apparently no danger of Sue & I going splitsville. We are family as we say in our own petit l'amour vernacular, but she has even suggested perhaps I need an extended vacation somewhere somehow fresh and invigorating. Perhaps a spring flight to the west coast, or a Mardis Gras bolt. I dunno. It sounds like a good idea to me, but in the thick of winter the odds that I could exile myself to fun status without crippling anxiety about the homebase are nil. So for now I shall quench my thirst for change simply on the dream and the knowledge that my amazing wife wants me to do whatever it takes to get straight with myself, although she is little more than a dedicated patron of my so-called arts at this point. Love is a pretzel logic with or without the salt of the earth thing ever making sense. Maybe I'll just eat myself into oblivion, taking myself out of the game that way. I love her too much to stray too far away.

Doubt I'll even THINK of the Super Bowl on Sunday much less watch it unless at the last minute some fearless bodysnatcher entices me to join their riotous beer guzzling cult in honor of yet another American moment when all good citizens are called upon to gaze and rejoice at the goodness of it all. Green Bay, I might have watched, oh fickle me.

Have there been any winter rumors or dugout calls from any of the Nuthouse regulars? The way I'm focussed on the Net these days, art in general, technology in particular, I wonder if I will be true to my urges, and rejoin Prodigy just to hang a few curves with the old gang again this spring. I'd like to compete, but geez, I haven't folowed baseball, and what is this I heard for the first time only a couple of days ago, INTERLEAGUE GAMES in 96????? Eeegaaads!!! Gone is the sport of my youth. On the bright side maybe I'll get a shot a catching the Braves in Baltimore. Some local TV buff mumbled something about Atlanta visiting the Orioles in midsummer, oh well. Change is inevitable even in on the one-perfect diamond. Then they lowered the mound, and brought in the fences.

Did you ever resubmit that addressing problem to GeoCities? If you haven't you should. The web is closer to you than you think, although you haven't relayed any info concerning the web and that geek pal of yours you planned to hit up for a few answers.

Don't really have any great windbreaking news to pass on to you at this time. My earlier anxiety with Sue has passed simply because I've given up and have been given the green light to seek pleasure wherever I can find it, although I've gone nowhere in my search to date. Can you believe this woman? No urge to change herself, but no urge to dump me into the street where I probably belong.

Oh I did have a terminal falling out with my mother, but I will save that garbage for later.



"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""