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American Visionary Museum in Baltimore

28 Jul


Woman V by Gabriel Thy


Well, yesterday was a fine day in the life of this particular artist. The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD purchased some of my art. It's not that big a deal, yet, but it's a thrifty start. Sold a couple dozen packs of postcards for display in San Francisco and Baltimore. Not bad. It was fun scooting around with Peter Harper and Marina Reiter who'd come along in the Renegade insisted I spring for drinks (and more drinks) with my proceeds. Done!

We killed a few pitchers, too much seafood, and what ever else we could fish out of the daylight down at the Harbor before slamming onto the Thames to continue. Trying to catalogue the tides I snapped a roll or two with the D60 Nikon I had on me. Harper and Reiter sucked face the rest of the night, kissed the sweet sunshine goodbye, mugged the mashed potato vogue, made like a native Cat's Eye rogue, kept me reelin' to the drunkards' code—O! I coulda been a Baltimer Pogue!—then crashed at Peter's that night. Outlaws, again. Favored by the creed of he who lives outside the law must be honest, I made it home without incident. Lunch at the beginning of that stint crowded into a table at Bertha's was a blast, as usual.

Shows promise of things to come, perhaps. I'll write up the full story in the near, but right now I've got to head out to buy some crab meat for the crab dressing casserole I sling together for events like this awesome pig roast some rocker friends and their roller derby girls are hosting this afternoon at Floyd & Jen's (Walters) Virginia hacienda.

But check out the museum. It's on the map. And now, in some small way, so am I.


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