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A Need For Peter To Walk On Water

30 Mar




Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 06:06:26

Well, Gabriel I can understand your agony. May be I haven't seen the world as much as you did, but I can assure you that I am matured enough to understand what you are saying. I was 350Km away from my home town for a period of 4 years when I was doing my Engineering. I had to face the world myself and I learned many things then. There is a thin layer between the words 'Religious' and 'Fanatic'. I can understand that some are being led by the satan and still can not realize this. It is really a pitty. Often times people don't see the layer in which they are. I could not understand what you meant by God's government.

I will tell you one story which is often told in our churches. Once a so-called pious took the Bible to know what God wants him to do. He closed his eyes and opened the book at random. His looks fell on one verse which said "And judas hanged himself". This man was shocked and thought maybe god was kidding. Again he opened the bible and found this verse "Even you do the same". This time he was mad to see this verse. Finally, he wanted to make last attempt. When he made, the final verse that came was "this is my will said the Lord". The story ends here. You see, this is how some find the will of God. But this is going to destroy them for ever.
A true incident happened in south korea a few years back. Let me share this with you.

Two christians sisters wanted to attend a gospel meeting in a nearby village. So they started out on a rainy day. The rain became heavy and the water inundated the low lying area which they have to cross. The sisters remembered how peter walked on waters and they wanted to do the same. Of course, with faith, they had. But, the story ended sadly when their bodies were found next day. What was wrong with these sisters? They had the faith no doubt, but they lacked the descernig power. There was a need for peter to walk on water and God was willing to this, then. Where as here, they had just mental knowledge of the god and nothing else. They could not find the will of God even though they thought they had found. I agree that Christ is the only way, but you can be deceived very easily in the name of christ.

The Bible says in 1peter 5:8 "Be vigilent, be sober because your adversary walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." He is mostly after the beleiver. If we are not alert then he is going to devour us first.

Allen should also think about his family. It should be his entire family that should decide what to do. When GOD said "a man shall leave his parents and will be united with his wife and they shall be one", how can he say to a man to give a deaf ear to his wife and family. One thing I could not understand is, Is GOD calling Allen for ministry?. One can also serve GOD while doing a job as NEHEMIAH, DANIEL and EZRA did in bible.

Do you remember the story of JOSEPH in the bible?. The bible says GOD blessed the country Egypt and other neighbouring countries because of JOSEPH. When ABRAHAM pleades GOD for the life of his nephew LOT, GOD says "I will not destroy that city if five RIGHTEOUS people are present". Don't these verses show that GOD not only blesses his children but also the surroundings and the country in which they live in. Although the names I mentioned, which I said was the reason for the prosperity of America, may or may not be true but still there are many in your country who are RIGHTEOUS whose names will only be revealed in HEAVEN.

Let me tell you frankly, although I believe in GOD very firmly still I use my mind most of the times. I always look at a believer with a eye of suspition. So I am not fanatic. Well Gabriel, I didn't mean to hurt your feeling if I did I am sorry. You were very emotional in your mail and it shows how much concerned you are towards your brother.

I am looking for a job right now. But here it is not easy to get a job even though I did my Engineering. There is a saying "Try and try and try at last you will succeed," isn't it? I got to have a patience as big as Everest.

I thought of reading a poem in your mail but, I couldn't. why? By the by can you send your photographs and of course your postal address, only if you don't mind. Ah! what about your health?. How are you feeling now? Don't forget to answer my mail with all details.

Bye for now, with love.


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""