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Steinway At Tiffany's On The Road

Jack Kerouac

Originally published on February 3, 1997

Andy Schoengold wrote to Martine on Landry's list, "It's not Gertrude Stein that said "That's not writing, it's typing." It was Truman Capote and I believe it reffered to Jack Kerouac. Steinway At Tiffany's On The Road, anyone? I've addressed this to everyone on the list just to make you feel that much more embarrassed. Of course, I couldn't restrain myself from piling on, "Andy's absolutely right on all counts. I was gonna clean that up but since I hardly knew you, I passed on the opportunity. However, in Andy's case, I think both Gertrude and Truman, given the chance, may have said of Andy's blurb that it was poor typing since he misspelled referred.

Jack Kerouac on the other hand, might have opined of Andy's writing, that it should have been written reefered.


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