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An Inescapable Loop Only A Restart Could Remedy

08 Jan

Protecting the Line

Protecting the Line


Date: Wed Jan 8, 1997 6:54:40 AM America/New_York

Thanks Karen, since the complete reinstall, some of my problems have been resolved, including a pesky "OUT OF MEMORY" error message, a highly ridiculous error message that even an Apple technician admitted was bogus since I have 80 megs installed, and would have none or a single application open when this message would appear and catch me in an inescapable loop only a restart could remedy. Seems RAMDOUBLER was one culprit. The 8500 box has been running much smoother since I turned off all Connectix extensions.

Meanwhile it seems quite a few 8500s freeze upon shutting down, or restarting from the menu bar. Not a major problem I admit, but certainly something which sticks in my craw since so much mula has been funneled into making sure I have the most perfect computer in the whole wide world. I love Macintosh and have been Macking since 1987, but Apple's recent OS and hardware troubles have certainly dried up some of my evangelista fervor in recent months. Of course I would not even consider the competition in the 20th century so addicted am I to the Macintosh way, but I hope Steven Jobs can help bring back the delight and the sanity of the earlier Macs, and the sooner the better.

In October I purchased both this 8500 and a 6400/200 Performa. In three days the Performa died a horrible death. Apple replaced the hardrive to no avail. Motherboard was next, but then they confessed parts were unavailable, so the dealer shipped another whole CPU, which after five weeks seems to be working splendidly.

Thanks for your input, Karen. You are right about needing a 8500-specific support group. I am slowly trying to build my first multimedia studio around the Mac, but Apple's literature is rather mute on solutions, while sky high on hype.



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