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Pitching The Tent, And Rolling Out The Insignificance

09 Apr


Beauty of Love


Jury's still out whether or not this MySpace phenomenon will actually serve as the killer marketing tool an obscure artist needs to penetrate an audience, but with Google's sliding scale ranking system giving preference to the big toothy high-volume dogs like online communities in its keyword call-ups, it surely beats no notice at all.

With MySpace links to and fro, I'm hoping that my other websites can be rescued from relative obscurity again. Since I owned and managed my own web, mail, and DNS servers right here at home on completely unreliable ISDN technology from the early days, and now on synchronous DSL bandwidth, in a spirit of good riddance wiping my brow of constant sweat when I pulled the plug on them when I was sweating a major renovation to my DC condo back in the summer of '04. That maneuver (or lack of one) cost me precious search engine ranking that I'd earned for serving up my handful of domains continously since 1996, another of the valued criteria, companies like Google and Yahoo use in their complex algorithms to determine placement. I've been online since December, 1995, and have been an instant messaging and BBS geek since 1993 (when AOL boasted a mere 250K members a distant third to now mostly forgotten competitors, Compuserve & Prodigy, and the web nonexistent), and I have no intention of disappearing into that good night until the worms or blaze of eternity finally pick this wanton flesh clean of artistic ambition.

But yes, this community is an interesting one. My major beef with these free online communities and services is the ephemeral nature of most of them. The frustration of someone else perpetually reorganizing and rendering my links or content obsolete or completely vanquished was the fickled finger that finally poked me into hosting my own sites. I made a few bucks in web design and hosting in the those early years before big business made it tough to keep up plus the fact that I was more interested in content creation than simply tossing designs together for lukewarm businesses who never did much more with their sites than use it as an online business card, thus suppressing my own business requirements for cashflow and expansion. As much as things are changing now, Moore's law didn't start yesterday either. I couldn't keep up, was more interested in my own writing and art, so I gave up hosting and designing for others, and am now focussing completely on my own career (what's left of it).

With several recent large canvas sales under my belt and my book publication last year, I'm finally beginning to ride a slightly aggressive optimism again. Pitching the tent, and rolling out the insignificance...fact is, I tend to be far too pensive to carry a smile the whole length of a metaphor, but let me give a shout out to all you new online contacts, old acquaintences and new, just to let you know I am cheerful today, and you've played a big part in the game...let's rock!

Maybe I'll post a new picture...



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