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Telephone Lines, Black Girls, And William Blake Foolishness

02 Jul


The Telephone Pole


Date: 17 Jun 99 09:48:57 -0400
From: Sue Hedrick

Hey Baby! Yolonda sent me this note (along with everyone else) saying she was leaving the office at three for an appointment but would be back, and then buzzed me to say "We are still on for tonite, right?"—so everything looks like a go.

Here's how I see it. The two of you drive here, park, come inside, get me, take a quick tour of the site for the first shoot, then we all get in your car, go to Las Placitas or somewhere more likely to allow a private setting, and then shake the tree, and see what falls out. I hope to have the entire archival set ready by then, if not I'll deal with that dilemma at the time, but it's a plan.

I also have the portfolio ready. I just don't know whether I should bring it or not. What do you think? I have no idea in what direction she wants to move on this because I don't know her except that she's a tall, beautifully postured, voluptuous, well-appointed, respectable woman destined for success. But that could mean anything in terms of how she wants to be seen. Details are the blood and guts of this pursuit, just like in writing about heroes, lobbyists, clergy and congressmen—the skin game's no different. It's all in the details. Keep in touch!

Love my baby,


Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 16:35:54 -0700
From: Sue Hedrick

Hey Baby, I called Bell—they checked the line and said there were problems on it, but could not tell if it was outside the house or inside. She said there is a diagram and instructions in the front of the white pages of how to check if it is outside. Something about taking a phone out to the box on the side of the house and pluging a cord into the jack there—if you get a dial tone, then the problem is inside the house. Anyway they have scheduled a repair session tomorrow between 8:30 am and 5 pm tomorrow. If the trouble is outside, we don’t have to be there, but do if it is inside.

Is Peter’s old line dead also?


Cute as a kitten with a voice to match. Bell techie called me from our pole in the alley. "Fixed!" she exclaimed, as if she'd handed me a fresh batch of burgers and fries, and I'm still online writing this—after telling her the story of the dupe who unbundled our two sets of twisted pairs that equipped the ISDN. Unbundled to give to one twisted pair to the neighbor who had placed an order for a plain old telephone service POTS line. Funny now, but this was probably a case of telephone company shadiness since I'd read where the telephone companies were resisting the law that forced them to allow usage of their lines by the Internet competition. Or this could have been a simple case of a clueless dupe who knew nothing about ISDN, and thought he was "fixing" somebody else's error which in turn went from bad to worse by taking nine days to isolate the pole connection as the problem and straighten out. She laughed, was super sweet, forcing my blood to simmer down again, and I guess we're back in the voice over wire business again, eh baby. She also confirmed that the pole was indeed crowded. Imagine that, in telephone overkill in the ghetto. As Mick Jagger, back in the day when he still rocked the turf at a football stadium might have observed—some black girls are just too colorful for words.

Love sweetie,


Date: 6/17/99 8:27 AM
From: Yolonda Payne

I apologize for yesterday but I forgot about my appointment due to the Father’s Day festivities. I hope I didn’t inconvenience you guys too much. It was around 10:00pm by the time I retrieved your message and I thought it may have been a little late to call.

That leads me to another related topic. I have been thinking about it and I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and Gabrielle but I am just not feeling it. I thought it would be best to let you know know because I really don’t want to waste anymore of your time. :o)


Date: Sun Jun 27, 1999 9:36:25 AM America/New_York

Hey sweetie. Here are three girls I find remotely interesting that flew into the coop today. The Dylan flick is a snapper as well. None of the videos really make my uberlist since we already stock a couple and I've traditionally not cared for Brazil or Vertigo despite Kim Novak in her sweater best. American boyhood phase, but of course they are both keepers for better or worse. Brazil is a Blumstein pick. But it's a sell I don't need right now, preferring to write about it here instead because it's just about spending money and time renewing old vows and making new ones in sprints I'd rather enjoy elsewhere right now. I'll pay the whatever bucks later when I'm truly and whimsically too whipped to reject the rental of other people's stuff. Besides, I'm aching to stuff a few stockings myself, drawing lines in the sand, knowing the difference between a mark and true wealth when it walks in like a métier, a calling rather than a racket. Finally taking a stand when I've already put my life on the stake, feeling in the marrow of my bones that it's already getting late. The word is I just need to launch this business now, juice the circuitry on this one, and keep working toward the next level of refoliation. I'll really just be happy to be trying to pull something together. I'm grasping at straws, but that's okay because I'm the one who came up with the line that "ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw," while adding, "souls grow on bones but die beneath bankers' hours." Frankly, I don't know how much more I have to do to launch a venture that is successful and sustaining. Are not my time and skills worth anything? I need to make a living, too. Happy that we have agreed to fight the good fight with William Blake and, uh I think Beatrice, if I recall correctly, and I'm not at all sure I am right on her name, wait, I'll have to check. Here's the Blake anthology, lemme look.

Well, have to do that later when I can see straight. Been up nearly 42 hours straight with a three hour nap tossed in. Blurry-faced.


Editor's Wiki: Blake married Catherine—who was five years his junior—on 18 August 1782 in St. Mary's Church, Battersea. Illiterate, Catherine signed her wedding contract with an 'X'. They remained together until his death in 1827. Blake taught her to read and write, and also to use his printing-press. Throughout her husband's uneven career, Catherine not only took an active role in the production of William's engravings and illuminated books; she also ran the household finances and offered strong practical support.

The couple had no children, and it has been suggested that Blake wanted to bring a concubine into the relationship to act as a surrogate mother, which was consistent with the theories of Swedenborgianism by which Blake was influenced.[4] Blake's earliest biographer Alexander Gilchrist does not mention this, but speaks of unspecified troubles in the early years of the relationship. However, Algernon Charles Swinburne later explicitly asserted that this was the case, but that Blake dropped the idea when he saw that it upset Catherine.

Date: Tue Jun 29, 1999 11:05:12 AM America/New_York
From: Sue Hedrick

Hey baby,

I just talked to Skip about the annual cruise—he said sometime in August—I said we would be gone around the 14th for a week—he said that we (you and I) have to be on the cruise—I said I would send him the dates we would be gone…

Can you send me the exact dates?

Love sweetie,

Sue Hedrick

Date: Fri Jul 2, 1999 7:32:06 PM America/New_York

Hey baby—August 7-14 is the Fripp rental that we failed to get because there weren't any vacancies, but that's when Karen & Gary will be there. So we will probably miss them because the 21st or 28th would be best for us. I'll meet you at your office this evening for dinner and a ritz cracker, so just lock in when you think you can pull away from the pile of work on your desk...

. . . and she is not the bouncy young girl on the voice machine nor the other Latin—may who I say is calling—woman who baffled me yesterday. Cida is middle-aged I think, a rather thick and slow tongue but bright enough I think to manage the cleaning without all the philosophizing of Maria. We have Cida's number and will call again after we get back in town. She lives in Silver Spring, and seemed to have no issue with driving to Capitol Hill. Monday every two weeks again fine with her. She wanted to see the house, and I suggested we all three meet for introductions. If she and business projections work out then perhaps we can give her more duties, once every week, but this is a start.

She had trouble with my name. Gilbert, she tried to call me. Geez, Gay or the latinized Gah bree EL, is a more familiar name than Gilbert, although Gilberto is not unheard of among the Spaniards, so who knows the meaning of these things. We both laughed in sorting it out.

Still stewing over that most recent Bracken insult. BUt he did buy me lunch at that Greek spoon we like in the Pan-Am Shopping Center in Vienna, and he paid for postage on Blum's package. Ten, eleven dollars total, max. Always flirting with danger in my diet, I had a fat reuben and salty chips, iced tea, finishing off the lovely lunch with a scrumptious chunk of baklava...

Being a revolutionary and a body purity fiend, Bracken opted for something far less adventurous, as you can imagine...



"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""