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Open Letter To A Friend

06 Oct


Traces Of Insanity


Sasha—yes, this is a very sad situation, my friend, the sheer inhumanity of men who claim to know better. And did you know who's committing this massive genocide in Darfur? It's Arab and Arab-influenced Muslims killing, starving, maiming black African Muslims in a sustained action of unobfuscated racism. Malcom X was dead wrong about Islam. No matter which way you slice the historical cake, Islam is the engine which drives Arab imperialism, supremacy and totalitarianism.

And George W. Bush is in bed with these Arabs. That's what turns my stomach. America and her economy is being held hostage to Arabian petrol dollars. If the Saudis convert their billions of US DOLLARS into Euros, as I understand it has threatened to do, and as pesky Iran has already done, it could within days or mere weeks collapse, or most certainly severely thwack the US economy which has given away the farm in terms of manufacturing and drilling, given it over to those who now hold out a hand of friendship while simultaneously plotting undermine the very nature of the American principle (and in this I include China, as well).

And what about Kosovo? Have you kept up with the recent news pouring out of there, of falsified reports, confessions of news agencies, et cetera? It seems America backed the wrong victims in that war too. Milosovic apparently wasn't as bad as we in the West thought, or was led to believe as he fought tooth & nail to stem the Islamic atrocities in that cobbled together hell, and was deemed to be spoiling the best laid plans of the Eurabian cartel, so he had to pay and pay big for his rebellion. Nearly ALL the world's hot spots feature aggressive Muslims tearing into old cultures, demolishing temples, whole peoples and instituting the horrendous sharia law, but the mainstream media, and our leaders tell us a different story. No more guilty than America, they say. The puzzle doesn't make sense when analyzing the stories THEY TELL US, but when the blinders and patronizations are stripped away, the puzzle suddenly appears as whole cloth.

There's something rotten, alright, but it's not in Denmark this time, it's in that woeful caliphate-in-the-making. And it's going to get far worse before it gets better because we are all being whipped and cowered by the mere hint of bootstraps and pursestrings. Of course, I am merely stating my opinion based on the facts and the gravesites I have stumbled upon iun my research which really is only beginning, but I trust my sources, and I'm sticking with this opinion until I am convinced otherwise.

If I gave away or burned everything I have grown to cherish, and wandered the streets, alone, naked, hysterical, could I then convince you to do this as well? Should I choose to live simply, how simply should that be?
Moral equivalency is a crock, political correctness a false flag, and equality before the law a ridiculous sham. It's time we realized that the world is in deep trouble, and that there are far more dangerous people and gruesome ideologies ready to ruin your day as soon as they gain an edge, and whose own guilt has flooded the moon with more blood than meets the average eye, than we can shake a stick at, but I agree with you.

Sin is sin. God is God. And we'd better damn well take notice. However, I also believe in what is called reality on the ground. In my world, liberalism right out of the box is not a synonym of righteousness, but most certainly neither is the emblematic conservativism of those who tend to rest on laurels and bank the remainder. But each concept must rise and fall one idea at a time. So frankly, I have never considered myself a liberal, nor ever a conservative. It's actually rather funny to watch people try to presume my stripes just by looking at me, or hearing a position I have taken which conflicts, or agrees with their own. I am of course judged "obviously you are one of us" which quickly turns to "oh I knew it, you're on the other side" depending on the irstwhile persuasions of the person doing the pigeon-holing.

The jack-hammering truth in life is painful, but how does this long rant of Gabriel's complete the plea for compassion while sipping from the cup of realpolitik of your own blog entry, dear Sasha? I suppose I am merely prompting you for the proper reaction to that most obvious of questions:

How does one indeed change the world by healing all that ails others one sacrificed toy at a time?

If I gave away or burned everything I have grown to cherish, and wandered the streets, alone, naked, hysterical, could I then convince you to do this as well? Should I choose to live simply, how simply should that be? Would any of this change the world when all the great songwriters of our generation have failed to accomplish this? What indeed are we really to do when we can't convince each other that we love them without asking them to follow us or some equally hazardous player into a ditch, a blind alley, or an extremely painful death, of which the words martyrdom or hero no longer apply?

I am at a loss to resolve this mystery. But I am strapped to the deck of its shipwreck, and burned to the core by its consequences...

Yours in irreducible signs,



"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""