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Rodents Invade, Dignity, Dave & Jen's Booby Guarantee, Parrot Island

09 Jun


Dignity Ain't Never Been Photographed


From: Karen Spangler
Date: Wed Jun 9, 1999 1:46:07 PM America/New_York

Hey Gab, It is good to hear you are surviving in this crazy world. Sorry to hear about your rodent problem. Would you like to have a cat? That would solve the problem. I have one that I'm trying to give away. She is a little sweet thing but I'm sure the rats wouldn't know any different. Let me know.

Sounds like I missed an adventurous evening. I haven't talked to Sue since before you guys went out. I guess I need to give her a call. Sue is pretty funny when she has had a couple of drinks. Well, work is just nuts right now. We have a big meeting tomorrow with all of the CEOs of Apple, Sun, Dell, IBM, HP, etc. Gab, it was good to hear from you and let's talk soon. One of these days, you guys have to meet my new mainsqueeze!!

It was a nice surprise to get mail from you Karen! Yeah, Sue told me about your new guy, but she couldn't remember his name. My apologies as a result of the folks we were going to flag at the old Parrot Island Bar changing gears on us, shifting the party up to Cockeysville, which we drove on Saturday afternoon and back Sunday morning. Originally I was trés stoked on the fact that six of us were a rendezvous package pulled together on short notice and in such poetic clockwork form. That would have been wonderful serendipity. When the plan collapsed, I was sad, little boy sad. But we had a good time frolicking past the flashbulbs nevertheless.

Susanne and Hank, who live there in Fells Point, are nice enough folks as Marylanders go, well, Hank is. Susanne can be a bit of a boring snit sometimes, but is a fashionista, and absolutely charming when it suits her, so it would have been fun to spend the day on their boat then meet with you guys and the web boobie people at PI that night. Turns out as you may already know by now, new management and new name killed those plans. Said Susanne, and later Dave, of the Dave & Jen show. The latter couple are genuinely nice folks too lemme say. A marvelous meeting them and their friends. Well, Sue got a bit too self-consciously drunk and nasty for her own sake, but she survived without too much loss of face, felt bad for it, and all that, and I think everybody enjoyed meeting us, and no harm was done. I whisked Sue out of the party just after one-thirty in the morning, and snuggled her into the Hampton Inn sheets, where she slept like a baby.

I'd snapped five rolls of film, well worth the effort. Now isn't THAT just darling!

It's been a busy spring around here, and phooey, after all my hard work, we now host one or more nasty clawing stinking pesky rats in the house. Above my head while sitting at my computer one day last week I heard this scratching and squealing sound coming from between the floors. It went on until I started thumping at the spot. The noise stopped. A couple of nights later evidence was found in the bread loaf left on the night counter. Indeed, rodents had invaded. It never ceases around here. The war on dignity. Coincidences, messages from the darkside? This morning I found two holes in my yard. Rat tunnels. My cup runneth over!



Armed Robbery & The Revolutionary Pose

02 Dec


Allure Of Red Meat


Originally posted on December 2, 1996

Well, Peter, I've been busy as a muscle spasm in Tim's backside trying to banish all the unjesus around here organized to a T. A rotting basement door led directly to rat attacks in October. Poison and ingenuity killed three Tim found in the utility room where they came in, and he then buried in the trash. An adult and two ratlings gone gratefully with not too much hassle. Dead carcass under kitchen sink, however changed our lives in a bigger way. A terrific three week odor no human should be forced to abide had us cursing the nature of death.

Maggots emerged, and at the 3-week mark, now fat stupid flies. I've swatted some fifty five flies in four, almost five days. These are dumb easy marks. It doesn't take a solid swap to fell them. And they don't buzz too far away after a miss, and just a little patience leaves me smiling that I've smacked another on the windowpane with only a slight mess. They've been coming out at a rate of ten to twelve a day, for about five days. I take down the ten, and tomorrow another ten replace them. Eventually the carcass will decompose completely, and this crises will be behind us, but geez what a long filthy look at reality in all its amazing distinctions!

Which segues to this armed robbery mess of your own. Tim and I were speculating, but of course were shy of information. Maybe you've written about it already, something you could forward here. All of us care enough to want to know more details.

Just purchased a 200mhz 2.4GB Mac Performa 6400 which crashed hard and died in its very third day, and now a month later parts are still unavailable, motherboard and chassis. Apple is rotting from the core it seems. I also am building an 8500 AV whiz machine, slow going, but most of the hardware is in place. Just a few minor details left. After I finish reading my mail this morning I'll hop on the web to check out your pages and email you from there with a few impressions. I've been taking most of my own web material down in a restructuring and consolidation move as I work this 120 mhz 80 MB RAM 8500 (only a month old as well) into full gear.


Taking Back Control

Reorganizing my rather vast Syquest domain to configure with the next wave of GT computing has been eating up most of my time not spent in general housekeeping. But life is feeling pretty good these days. Sorry, you still cannot stomach my existence (according to Tim, and of course I trip on the paraphrase...), but maybe one evening as you look forward to the morning star you'll find yourself sponsoring a vision in some new fashion you can count on, and you won't feel so threatened by my presence, but then again, maybe it is written that you'll always be my adversary.

Thanks for writing. Good luck in your move. Is your "Saint August" AOL address still valid? This address is good and you can reach me at "" also.

For some reason, I am reminded of the time I was held at gun point in the Corpus Christi barrio by a crazed maybe drunk young man maybe in his late twenties or early thirties sitting in the front seat of my Yellow Top cab, while a woman old enough to be his grandmother sat in the backseat. Hell, I was barely twenty-five, looked like John Lennon or Jesus Christ many pointed out at the time, but fearless, such is that youthful faith that being nice and completely dependent on a mountain of words from ancient pious Jews and the open sky solved all problems. After some broken English negotiating back and forth coupled la senora's ra ta tat tat Spanish persuasion, the poor fellow put the gun away, and I proceeded to their requested destination. She paid, and the man said he was sorry.

God was powerful and generous with me back in 1981...must be a Texan since no such killjoy miracles have covered my path since arriving in DC. Or maybe I've just swallowed too much gaff to notice.

Armed robbery & the revolutionary pose,



"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""