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Working At Not Working Is A Tiresome Business

25 Sep


Capitalize On It


Dateline September 25, 2002

We always appreciate our good fortunes when sound and logical visitors to the Scenewash Project with enough time on their hands and maple syrup on their pancakes to take us to task, whether it be my boot size, the weight of zero, the odor in my sock drawer, or my favorite color of hero. Gives us the chance to deepen the mystery, as the old Queensbury Mews poofer Francis Bacon so neatly put it. Ruth, one such prevailing visitor, took the time to write:

Then I take it you would be against the ideology of the Church of the SubGenius also? And their belief in the benefits of 'slack'. At least Bob Black offers a great degree of intelligence. I don't agree with him about not working—disagree totally actually—but I think he tells the truth—which is a whole lot different than what so many others in the world right now try to pass off as a philosophy for our time.

Ruth, thanks for the email.

Slack is for those who choose slack, and possess the strength of character to not complain about the consequences of that slack like do so many in the world today. Otherwise, slack is counterintuitive, hypocrisy is the norm, and no one is served by one's own potential. Rich man, poor man, beggarman slack, makes no difference to me if you're a professional liar or an honest-to-god hack. Either way, each choice one makes or is forced to accept plays into a host of competing consequences. It's how we react to these consequences which churns the grist and sorts the wheat from the chaff, at least on the material level, that which is observable and easily measurable. Of course, science is even putting an end to that entry-level sort of objective observation.

As to the specifics of which of Bob Black's counsels I find disagreeable, based on the few crumbs you've provided above, I'd suggest you and I have indeed landed on the same secret square, so if your beef with me is simply one of TRUTH, I'd say try again.

Work, while obviously travailed differently by those divided across the chattering and the muttering classes, is the very mesh of life where meaning and satisfaction are manifested beyond the dubious markings of profane job descriptions and its so-called bearing on social rank.

Work is the freedom to excel.

But feel free like some to tout Bob Black. Believe me, as one who has periodically tried with the 20-20s wide open, therefore sacrificing the career track several times, and failing to dodge the realities of gross subemployment when I would choose to work—working at not working is a tiresome business. We all must adhere to our own natures, or die trying, don't you think?



"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""