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He Died Believing This, Says Waller

10 Dec


Biting The Hand


Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 09:24:27 -0500

Editor's note: In Richard's defense he would be 73 years old on February 12, but the reason he was invited to join our list was to submit him to a dose of his own medicine in the only way I knew how—but only because I knew he would drop out after a few weeks, and he did. Richard had begun to become a major nuisance with his own long "look at me, aren't I clever" rejoinders, and as luck would have it, his long missives would arrive just as I would be jostling with hosting or other hardware and software problems and I had zilch time at all to deal with him, so of course, he became belligerent in letter and then on voice mail because none of my explanations comforted him. It got nasty, not vulgar, no, just strong in fact and follow-through, after a long bout of him berating me while I'm trying to deflect his rage and sense of propriety as a well-educated and well-traveled elder to whom all prestige was being resented or rerouted, he left without a hint of his own complicity in any ongoing crisis.

It wasn't like I was accusing him of anything, just that I didn't have time right yet to get to his long rambling anecdotes about Buddhism, vegetarianism, or meditation, or some other Richard Waller whimsy, and occasionally when I did follow up a note it wasn't what he expected, and thus, I failed him in that regard as well. When he couldn't get to his web site he screamed bloody murder, as if I weren't spending 21 hour days already trying to keep things running as they were supposed to run when it was ToadNet, our uplink—who was failing in their role as ISP provider—more often than not.

We would fall out to each our utter end of decency further down the road, but that was the price of peace. We both agreed good riddance was a strategy worth pursuing, but here we are again, the young having the last say once again as onlookers wince at the silliness of this long joking gesture, this hobbled parade of the horribles...

Gabriel Thy

Dear Gabriel, the kube's writing this morning is just really too much, too time-consuming for me to dope out and fathom. We have not begun to fully grasp the philosopical systems we already have. For instance, Schopenhauer said, "Subject to the limitations of human knowledge, my philosophy is the real solution of the enigma of the world." He died believing this. Nobody paid much attention until he died. And he was probably right. But each man wants to try.


Too Much Too Soon

Wittgenstein said the same thing in his Preface to Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, "...the truth of the thoughts that are here set forth seems to me unassailable and definitive. I therefore believe myself to have found, on all essential points, the final solution of the problems." If just a fraction of the members of the human race must each have an elaborate system, we won't live long enough to think about the millions. No one solution is ever enough. We must simplify.

I don't want to offend ANYBODY when I ask you to unsubscribe me to the Swill. I am beginning to have health problems and can barely keep up with the course of studies I already attempt—music, the poetry of others, the history of thought, and above all, this business of living.

Richard Waller

Last Night At The Toad Family Holiday Party

02 Jul




From: Amy van Sant
Date: Fri Jul 2, 1999 7:32:06 PM America/New_York

GOT IT! And like it. And here's a job for you already if you want—I'll send it to you on one of my work order emails—I'll have the stuff you'll need to make it happen tomorrow. Basically, it's a redesign of "" site, the only problem being you will be hampered by a really ugly logo of theirs...

It's a redesign and a few corrections in existing text. If you can do it for $500, it's all yours. Give me the go ahead and I'll send you the work order tomorrow.


At 09:38 AM 12/15/98

Greetings Amy—here's that repost. Was great to finally have a chance to chat. We had a fab time last night at the Toad Family Holiday Party, and will look forward to those "nuisance" jobs you might send my way,


Former Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner

10 Nov


Former ANC 6B Chair


Originally published Tue Nov 10, 1998 from Gabriel Thy to his wife...

Not for a low achieving web hosting company, but if I keep devouring this damned inspirational Huey Long book, internalizing a few lessons from the Kingfish and his diabolical knack for barreling past any detractor or stonewall in his path, I just might imagine and execute some way to raise the necessary $2000/m (approx. 30K after working class taxes) to be spent on Blumsteinian office and rental space (approx.$1200/m, upkeep et cetera) and a reliable T-1 connection ($800/m).

Then we might very well bring all these strands of genius together, founding a web publushing house matching strong editorial commentary with a focus on putting our Stadiium Armory (6B13) area on the Hon. Anthony Williams economic development map of the future (GASS and ROCC). We may very well and quite justifiably use tonight's Dateline hint to finance this grassroots campaign, as I am secure in my arguments defending such a fund-raisng project should traditional revenue generators fail me (all indications are they have), if only we can get a reliable pipeline service immediately into place. Despite a rash of earlier enthusiasms I am free to admit that ToadNET is decidedly blowing any confidence I had in them only a week ago.

I am also pondering a plan to offer the ANC the Performa-LaserWriter package, full training to the ANC office personel on the Mac, and even setting them up with a dial-up account in EXCHANGE for the tax write-off, the obvious publicity PLUS unimpeded access and full publishing rights to ALL of its public records to be displayed on an ANC 6B website 'XusNET will design and maintain as 'XusNET sees fit. The seeds of greatness never die with those armed with a just cause whatever the opposition. If the Hon. Eleanor Holmes Norton shows tonight, the need for an effective pitch to gain access and a powerful voice within the local political arena cannot be overstated. If I, as a former Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, falter (feeling not quite prepared to win the war but only to give initial notice) or am rejected for political reasons, I can still bide until a more perfect situation presents itself.

I expect to hear from CHAMPS in the next few days . . .

Gabriel Thy
Creative Director/Webmaster
Internet Made Only Too Easy


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""