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The Girl Is Sick, Sick, Sick

Gabriel's King Richard At MoCA DC

Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 16:24:19

As I told you, it is raining here for the first time in weeks. Nice talking to you. You asked me what I am doing & I forgot to say that I am reading Jay Parini's new bio of Robert Frost who I rank with Walt Whitman and Wallace Stevens as America's three greatest poets, besides me and Gabe, of course.

Just checked the mail—Mary Ann didn't send mother a birthday card. She hasn't called her in about four or five months just because she hates me. That girl is sick, sick, sick. Did I tell you that Mary Ann is sick? I've reached the point where I actually feel sorry for her. She has so many years to go not to get along with people. 

Lou's phone number in Greenville is 1-864-xxx-xxxx.