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Parsing The Mystery Quinn

17 Dec


Steppenwolf Agonistes


Date: Fri Dec 17, 1999 1:21:22 PM America/New_York

Can you believe THIS? Does Quinn actually believe that I CAN or WILL design and host a site of this nature for the mere $561 that I quoted him as he was oohing and aahing over Richard's site? This guy's in the damned high end PR business, so he knows better than that since the search engine value of these sites are superfluous, and so are weak in concentrated text and heavy in splashy graphical content. What kind of sick game is this? Why can't I just once deal with a straight talker? These sites are expensive, bleeding edge, six to ten thousand minumum, family prices, and that's IF they know damned close to exactly what they want. Take a look at these rather illustrious URLs...

This is a particularly interesting page mapping the PR mind, as rich in Debordian evil via its shameless advocation of spectacular domination as it gets. But since I am not Bracken, I would love a chance to design and get paid well for an elegant job zinging with this much taste and technology. Finally a classy approach, but then, apparently he wants, what? a freebie, or is he simply mocking me? Hmmm. I don't think Quinn really wants to work with me. That's fine. If people can't step up to the plate, say what they mean, mean what they say, I'm lost in a universe I don't understand.

Ethel called, says we could reschedule for Christmas Eve, if we are still feeling poorly. I told her we really want to make it there this weekend to help kickstart the season, although Christmas Eve of course is always somebody's sentimental favorite. Told her I'd run it by you. She wasn't pushing any particular date I don't think, just wanted to be accommodating.

Love my baby...


Albeit The Data Was Jersey Cold

07 Feb


Space Movements


Date: Wed Feb 7, 1996 8:07:31 PM America/New_York

Space, well I blew into your account, and probably left a mess of mousedroppings all over the place. On the upside, I only spent 5-8 minutes in the CORE therefore billable areas. The remainder of the time I browsed through the 14,400 kps & Macintosh 3.1 software nodes, but let me give you a rundown on what I did & why.

First I stole into the BBM, found it dormant as relating to the 1996 season. From there I peeked into your mailbox where I found the note I sent earlier in the day after my own service provider's E-mail system had been down for over 36 hours. The note is somewhat dated because I went ahead and plunged into your pool, testing the waters, and discovered that s-t-u-p-i-d does not work with your secondary account numbers. But that was no problem. It's just the E-mail (i.e. CCGS84C, or whatever) address that we need to try and reestablish a web site with GeoCities. If I go ahead and try to homestead another GeoCities sports site for our mutual fun, and there's no code breakdown like the last time, then all you'll have to do is check your auxiliary mailbox (C, I reckon, since I recall you used C for your AL BBM persona a couple of years ago) and retrieve the GeoCities password they will provide so that I can access the site I establish.

That said, I then began to plunder. Caught in a flaw and a flipflop of Prodigy software I found myself locked into a scheme where I was forced to choose a local 14,400 bps access number. I had intended only to research the numbers, write them down for future reference (which I did) and exit. but on this particular screen I could not exit without leaving what I'll embarrassingly call mouse droppings. Actually I suspect that you won't be affected by this maneuver of mine since Prodigy wrote over its pref files on my harddrive. In fact I think I have done this before, and it just hasn't worked properly. When I dial up, the screen says I am connecting at 14,400 but by the time I am fully connected, a message pops up saying I am logged in at 2400, and shucks ain't there a world of difference in those two speeds!

After I escaped that crises, I ventured over into another free zone hawking the new Macintosh software v3.1. Now that I've left the scene of the crime I think I am indeed already running that version on my machine, but Prodigy being as lame as it is, left no records of its version number on its software as is traditional in the Mac environment. so I'm not able to verify yea or nay. So the saga continues as I choose rather than taking ninety minutes to download the code at the sluggish 2400 baud rate I would simply have them mail it to me. When I clicked that button I was confronted with the standard Prodigy order form which of course had your personal information already filled in, albeit the data was Jersey cold.

So I hacked myself and my vitals over your own, and pronto, I should receive in 2-3 weeks some dead software I am probably already running. Sorry I've greeted your generosity with all this technobabble. You should come out unblemished, but I just wanted to put these events on record just in case you step into quicksand the next time you try to log-on.



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