Test Driving Myself Crazy

05 Sep

Unreal and Intangible

Unreal and Intangible


Date: Thu Sep 5, 1996 3:16:00 PM

Because of problems with our mail server the system was taken down and booted again from a previous backup as a result I lost your self-inquisitive paragraphs of frustration. Please resend the message (though I would much prefer a massage). I only read it once and if you are really in the mood to discuss matters we can maybe talk over a few beers (or not). My personal experience tells me there are no simple solutions and behavioral changes take a lot of time. The first and most important step is to be aware of the 'problem' without rationalizations. Things are more apt to change slowly but surely. —BLUM

I'll look & book appropriate response but because I send so much to so few and automation is not yet a mere brain click away, this may take some time. Ordinarily I get & give a full 24 hours, don't you? A bed of lies and lays, guess you should read my German friend's note also. I will forward it. Jack & Landry are skidding on hard rocks. Ben busted up with Carmen. GT is threatening Sue, and she him. Is there no end in this passionate search for dignified compatibility? Anyway. I'll resend whatever it is I can find earmarked to you. Keep the faith Bob, or rationality will heat us up. Either way. Thumbs up.

Test driving myself crazy,


P.S. Sorry for the redundant mess. Age-old problems with my German E-friend's provider caused Eudora to hang up, and rather than remember what it HAD sent, apparently sent everything up to that point again. I finally took Ben Voos out of the queue. Ah, and I wanted so much for him to take a gander at those weeds. Unfortunately, I have two other addresses for him...

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