Truck Drivers And Raffle Regulations

09 Aug


Movement Is Often Harsh...


On August 9, 1997 Gabriel Thy wrote to SE Taylor in Bloomsburg, PA:

Today I am trying to compose the rules for landing in the Booksellar winner's trapazoid. It seems that every public contest I've ever sniffed up close does not require a purchase in order to enter and win. Of course the disgruntlement and superstitious fringe is always debating the odds of purchase versus no purchase field of opportunity, but those guys and dolls in the button-up suits always claim that there is no distinction, no separate piles of who spent money to enter and who the friggin' well didn't from which they select their lucky charms. So there must be some federal sweepstakes regulations all these giveaway shysters tumble under, and I presume the Bookskellar giveway should seek shelter under that same small-print umbrella. But I see no reason why I shouldn't limit myself to a giveaway book per 100 I sell. But strangely, well not so strangely since the rules and suggestion box pages are still incomplete, but I am selling more books than having people register for the drawing. You my friend have been the only bike down that path. I will vow privacy of E-mail addresses entered in the drawing, although at least one, to validate the winner will be used in correspondence. Meanwhile I will offer the newsletter as a privacy option for those interested in site and Bookskellar updates and whatnot. Any ruminations?

My brother Miles Allan Nix just called. A scrawny penniless father of four delightful chillen (Dylan, Austin, Paige, and Chelsea, 13-8 years, respectively), a guy who's bounced around in seasonal job jousts for the past decade or so (including a dozen or so separate tours of duty working with Clyde, quittings and firings, et cetera et cetera et cetera), he finally reached down to pull up his rubber waders and shipped out to truck driving school. He's five years my junior buddy. Been 18-wheeling for two months now. Picked up a load of washers and dryers in North Carolina for delivery in Jessup, MD. He's got today to kill before making haul in the wee morning. I'm heading up there now (Route 175, Exit 41 off I-95) to seek an adventure, snap a few shots with Brother Allan, maybe bring him into DC before dropping him back to snooze with his truck tonight.

Have a doozy apartment-knocking meander in Philly this weekend, Steve, and again congrats on the new job at the cancer research center. Webmaster, wow!


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