The Two Weeks Plus That Giant Amazon Went Offline

07 Jul


Jim Carroll


Date: Sat, 07 Jun 1997 22:22:48

I am interested in Jim Carroll titles etc. Can I contact you by phone? If so what is the number?—Jan Williams

Jan, I am not adverse to giving our my phone number, but it is most likely unnecessary that we actually talk. I presume you must be experiencing trouble trying to order from the Bookskellar site. This problem is due to the fact that our supplier (AMAZON.COM) has gone offline temporarily, and has been so for about a week. These technical difficulties may yet continue for another week according to a memo I received yesterday from the AMAZON folks.

I regret any inconvenience to you in these matters and am quite dismayed that Bookskellar customers are being turned away under circumstances I cannot control. If you can wait out this technical difficulty AMAZON is currently experiencing, returning to:


Internet Girls

...and the Bookskellar, you should be able to place your orders with no problem shortly. Outside of what you can read from our online catalogue, there is really no further information I can provide you about any specific Jim Carroll listings.

However, once AMAZON is back online, clicking on a particular Jim Carroll listing will take you to the JC listing on the AMAZON site where often there IS some further information on that particular title.

I hope this clarifies things for you, and thanks for your interest in our books.

Gabriel Thy

P.S. Wed Jun 18 07:46:30 1997 returns to its online place in the hearts of millions

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