Whew! It's Over! Bracken's Debord Is Typeset!

Guy Debord

Well, it's finally finished. The Debord book is packed off to Portland. Took data to service bureau to have my Syquest media converted to Zip, and printed out a color proof of the cover. Nearly a month's worth of work is in the can. Now I can address what happened over New Year's, settle back into my own themes, but first I need to awaken afresh. I am tired, needing a night's rest. Tomorrow I shall begin the prologue promised those long brackenish weeks ago. The details will no doubt seem shallow now, since most of you no doubt have struck conversations of some sort or another with the exiled in the meantime, but since I am urged by inner demons and outer banks of recoil to capture the essence of my own perspectives, I will presume some of you are still interested in hearing these details, despite their tardiness, but maybe far enough away to be free from kneejerk.


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