Winter Grips As Seahawks Contemplate Relocation In Anaheim

06 Feb


Promises Kept


Date: Mon Feb 6, 1996 12:12:42 PM America/New_York

Well Space, what's there to say but mo snow mo snow mo the time this winter has passed into spring it could be the heaviest snowfall ever recorded. It's the third highest now, and only a couple of inches behind the second ranked. The Winter of 1996 has affected everywhere except Florida in terrible proportions, and I suppose California has had an easy time this go round, no floods, earthquakes, or the like.

Meanwhile, I hear the Seahawks may fly south to Anaheim. Good grief! While Clinton can step up to the plate and disembowel the once quite anarchistic Internet where speech and all forms of expression were at the domain level as free as vapor in flight by his signing of the dumbing numbing Telecommunications bill designed solely to let children and corporate Disneyspeak rule yet another roost, he sweats not a bead as the obscene gestures the sportsworld spews across the social fabric of our land go unchecked. After all business is business, and big business is the only voice that counts in this country. You heard I suppose recent news about AOL arbitrarily, and without any investigation at all, bouncing some fifty year old breast cancer survivor off the service because some new E-mail censor program detected that she wrote a note which contained the alpha characters b-r-e-a-s-t within it while seeking to start a support group for survivors of the illness. Meanwhile a quick dip into the chatroom node of AOL and one is immediately avalanched by the sheer volume of sexually-oriented groups advertising without camouflage every sort of deviation ever articulated by flesh and arousal seekers.

And the kicker is that most of these groups and chatrooms are initiated by and populated by the so-called innocent children. The median age by some estimates may be sixteen years old at times. Besides, the last time I looked "community standards" was the prevailing criterion determining what passed as free speech and what could be condemned as "obscenity". The chatrooms, which service at any given hour on the clock, tens of thousands of sexual predators and willing participants are defiantly a community where standards suggest anything goes. I am witness to this. And that New Jersey gay murder involving a fifteen year old? Have we banned telephones? Why not force ATT and the rest of the industry to install voice and language monitoring devices on either every gadget they produce or at every switching station in the country?

I root not for the sheer craziness advocated by some of your left wing rascals (radicals), but this generalized suppression of activities that innocently enough rage within whole majority populations is too addled an idea to warrant the puffed up attention a few hypocritical would-be do-gooders take upon themselves as worthy causes to help get them reelected by powerful (yet hypocritical) PACS and other powerful lobbies who seem to have more money than righteousness to begin with. Does this segue into the John DuPont tale. All the money he splashed on the local police force to protect his spread, and all the while he's as crazy as a goat, and now a murderer. Oh well, go figure.

Is your password still the six-letter synonym for dumb? I haven't yet tried to take you up on your offer to browse Prodigy on your dime, but I could actually appreciate your generosity in helping convince myself that I indeed want to bury my fat self into BBM for another season. Not having folowed the sports pages I'm clueless, but I guess spring training is fast approaching so I need to get a move on a decision here real soon.

Still waiting to hear about your ski day, but until later…


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