Another Year Is Torn Off The Calendar

02 Jan


The Athletics of Love


Date: Tue Jan 2, 1996 9:01:02 AM

Space, yep, another year is torn off the calendar, and good riddance I say to 1995, a very odd and tumultuous series of months. Looking back with one eye smack on reality and the other peeled among the twitches of wishful thinking, I've got to say that it was however a year of giant strides, a year I won't easily forget, what with fences, dogs, deaths, hardware expansion, software exploration, publishing crises, and now a truer forging of the sexual fires long sgo smothered in a simmering marriage all highlighting 1995 as truly a ferocious time in my life. But onto other things.

Strange you should bring up the question of handedness. I too have always been fascinated by this phenomenon. In fact left-handedness is a major erotic trigger for me, that is to say, I dig lefthanded women, and always notice this trait immediately whenever I observe it whether on TV or in the natural. I cannot really profess to know one way or the other, however, whether the trait bears any hard evidence of personality hardwiring. One always hears that left-handed people tend to be more artisticaly inclined, but then one might just as well say that Librans are more wise. Socialization factors heavily into the way individuals react to their gifts, and while we might say that we live in a right handed world (tools, architectural & fashion designs, et cetera) and that this constant reminder of differentness and minority status that lefthanders may feel actually helps focus these individuals in ways the norm take for granted. This differentness thus spurns creativity. Like I said I don't really have any strong convictions one way or the other. I just know I feel instant arousal at the sight of a lefthanded femme in the act of writing, or anything that points up her hand dominance.

There were no lefthanders in my immediate family, although a well-developed creative cousin five years my junior probably stoked my first awareness of this strange fetish. She lived across the street from us, and I always envied her sinisterism (lefthandedness). The synchronicity of you bringing up this topic was amazing, as I am now determined to explore the sexual deviations that have remained submerged in the mundane marriage muck of some twelve years now. It's been a struggle over weeks of airheadedness but Sue is finally beginning to accept my pleas for a more vigorous sensuality. I don't know how you feel about general perrrrrrversity, but I seem locked into this need to move past the general crap of the marriage bed into the spastic worlds of bondage, domination, erotic, even kinky fotography, exibitionism, voyeurism, blah blah blah, and the list is long. Sue and I tinkered early on in our relationship with a few of the seedier fetishes, but that era was short and soon ignored by her once she had bagged her man.

Frankly Space, I find I am feeling somewhat apprehensive in taking this talk too far until you've had a chance to approach the topic, but meanwhile welcome to 1996.


PS...with all this Internet censorship talk coming out of Germany & Washington, something is bound to change the way people get screwed.

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