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28 Dec


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At 2:44 PM 12/28/99, Maria & Doug Storm wrote:

Gabriel, you answered my question, actually. But I'm a little confused now; are you solely using Amazon for it's data and ordering service? Why does a customer come to your site then, rather than just using Amazon?

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 15:59:19

Gabriel, Thanks for taking so much time and effort to answer me. And to answer your question, I found you, as you say others due, in doing a search for some volumes of Emerson's Journals on Yahoo! My interest also stems from the fact that I am a sales manager for R. R. Bowker's online reference products—BIP, LMP, Ulrich's, etc. I'm always interested to find out where people are getting their data. The chain of connections is interesting.

You know that Amazon gets their bib. data from Baker & Taylor. I'll check the site out some more and maybe get back to you again. Thanks so much for the time. —Doug

Well Doug, that's a question I have asked myself repeatedly the past two and a half years since I signed up as an Amazon associate. But I had an elder female cousin recently give me an answer that complemented the one I had usually accepted as close to the truth. Fact is, I think people, mostly students, find my site through a random author search on one of the larger search engines such as Alta Vista or Yahoo, and because I have been in existence since April, 1997, have steadily been building up visitor hits one way or the other, and include a rather obscure (save to students) reading list, they tend to find my site near the top of the search returns, click, and either decide to buy a book on my virtual shelves, or else find something else at Amazon via a click through which still garners me a referral commission.

My cousin however suggested that she would be more apt to buy from a personalized reading list she respected than she would directly from a huge mega distributor.

So the combination of these factors is what drives a few dollars into my pockets, not much mind you, but after this past holiday rush, certainly enough to make the store efforts in the past, seem worthwhile. I think your own experience should help summarize this phenomenon. How did YOU find the Bookskellar?

My bibliography is merely one man's collection of personal reading projects and contrarian viewpoints centered around nothing more than the desire to run a little bookshop of my own. Of course I haven't put in as much time as I would like in expanding my shelves. It does take quite a bit of HTML clean-up to prepare authors for the Bookskellar site.

But thanks for asking,

Gabriel Thy
Creative Director/ Webmaster
Graphic Solutions Ink Systems

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