Bell Papers To Sign To Make It Go Away

26 Feb


Bell Atlantic Anxieties


Date: Fri Feb 26 10:05:48 1999

Greetings Bret! Well, by now I'm sure you've heard I was surprised this morning with $1500 worth for a month of data charges and a service snip I rectified with a $420 check after a daylong phonefest. Wish you'd have let me know this was coming. Bell said they'd called your voicemail and left a message(s), even if you didn't personally eyeball the bills.

Anyhow, Glenn says we're configured properly at both ends of this connection for 112k DOV and that BA is just up to dirty tricks, suggesting that we should be able to beat them on this mess. Stage two of this battle will be waged tomorrow morning.

I was also faxed a form we both have to sign in order for Bell to release these phonelines from your responsibility to mine.

Glenn Dagliesh & Dave Troy both said you had done research on the DC code which covers this DOV issue (uh, something 214 subsection 3 in the Maryland code). Any hints in helping us scale this Bell Atlantic stonewall will be much appreciated, Bret. I will meet you somewhere at your earliest convenience in order to get your Hancock on this release form, and since I am planning on being at the ToadNET offices for the Thursday morning xDSL breakfast I am wondering if that would that work for you?



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