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20 Nov

Fox & Hound Survivors

Fox & Hound Survivors


Date: Mon Nov 20, 1995 11:49:15 AM

This is a test of the internet clark spacial relationship. If you open this file I should be getting a receipt back...BLUM

Everything is working, Bob. Did you get your plunks? Last night I had six messages. Today I had four. Sue called last night. She bought a Performa 6400. Her old hometown chum wrote out the cheque, and Sue will pay her back in monthly installments. It's not a Power Mac, but I reckon I'll survive the letdown, and the shock of adding another terminal to the BZT rig. Soon you will have no choice but to come over more often and ride the wave to a neater, sweeter, meatier, middle class, middle aged, life's work.

Steve Taylor wrote: You were a bit loud at the F&H (Fox & Hound). However, I did pay for all of us before I left. I had one of those "Steve" must get home now moments. Don't sweat the bar thing—we had a great time. And I knew there was a reason I was avoiding my workplace—on Friday, I discovered that 15+ employees were layed off and there will be no raises coming up (including COLAs).

So, our interactive magazine running off Gregor's server will happen within two weeks. Any title ideas? BTW—what is his e-mail address? Now is the [a] time when we can put many of our ideas into effect in real time—the distribution can be left up to the discretion of the x million web users who just might stop by. Let's do it free now. We can charge or get ads later. Let me know what you think. —Steve

I wrote back telling him of the 5 Mbs I have at ClarkNet. So here we are, moving to the next level of art foolishness, the virtual eye of the beast, the angel transformed into abundant light. Since there's nothing less to live for, a flaming riot over the sparkling glazed wires should be just about where I belong.

In other latent news, I left, therefore I lost my motorcycle gloves at the Fox & Hound. Serves me right for guzzling and gabbing too damn loud, even for a polyploisboian. And you don't need a flipping government stud to admit that talking too loudly in a loud booze joint is just as bad a bummer as sleeping too loudly in the same, but I am often told I do each, and all too frequently I am accused of both at the same time. Methinks many people just do it to tweak my growth industry muscles, but I apologize nevertheless.

Thanks for the drinks, mate. I wouldn't even know.


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