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06 Feb

Local Hospitality

Local Hospitality


I owe you a big apology. I originally meant to call you right after the holiday party, but was overwhelmed with other end-of-year related work. I told myself then that I'd get in touch with you early in the new year when things died down a bit. But, of course, the new year started off just as busy as the old ended, and with each day that slipped by my guilty feeling for not contacting you grew, just making the re-establishment of contact more difficult. Next thing you know, well here we are. I do apologize.

I do think that Graphic Solutions Ink Systems will be a good match with CHAMPS and I still look forward to giving you my support as you move towards establishing yourself more fully on Capitol Hill. I think the first step is to get you signed up and get you mentioned in our February newsletter (which I hope to send to Karin Edgett by the end of this week). Then I think we should send a letter and/or brochure introducing GSIS to all CHAMPS members. We'll get you up on the website and then discuss some other opportunities to give you a higher profile in CHAMPS.

Remind me, did I provide you with a membership kit? If I didn't, let me know and I'll get you one right away. If I did, you'll find a membership form included in it. Just fill that out and fax it, along with a 50 word description of GSIS, to me at (202) xxx-xxxx.

Thanks for your understanding regarding my slackness. I'll talk to you soon.



No, I haven't been privy to a membership kit, but look forward to receiving one soon. I am presently out of town, in South Carolina, but should be back in DC by Thursday. Thanks for everything. No need for guilt. It's been busy for me as well. I like the ideas you've outlined. Let's do it!


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