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05 Sep


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Tue Sep 05 10:43:57 2000

Apologies if this is the second time you are getting this, but I noticed a slight difference in email addresses, so I thought I'd shoot directly to my pal Alex who helped me with an earlier issue. Let me begin with a big hearty thanks! I've enjoyed becoming one of your Local Experts, but unfortunately I have three problems with my listings:

I have tried several times to upload my picture located in a folder on my hard drive, but still there is none at my published online profile. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just a case of my impatience? Does the picture need to already be online, and therefore have an active URL attached to it? My Digital City or hometown is not listed on my profile. There is no entry space on my profile interface to boast a "hometown" while my Digital City entry in the profile is not published in the public listings area.

There is one review clustered with mine, that is not authored by me. That would be the review titled: This is Italian? (Olive Garden) However, the writer did capture my sentiments for this chain, almost word for word were I to write one, so I am not particularly upset by the intrusion of a foreign reviewer in my own cluster, but I thought it only polite to point this out since the reviewer may be missing the review from her cluster.

Yesterday I was an entrenched, quite popular writer of style in the Washington DC Top 10 with a featured review on the front page (now THAT rocked!), and today I am poof! gone! Seems like some of the other reviewers' numbers have been retrofitted as well, so I presume there is a system-wide problem that's taking quite some time to fix.

I have really enjoyed this program. Hope I didn't get the boot for some odd reason I couldn't possibly fathom. I even got a tee shirt. Hope that shirt wasn't a buyout because I want my texts back.

Anyway, this is just a friendly alert. Trust things will get smoothed out over the course of the day.


heya, sorry i didn’t get the shirt out before the holiday. assuming from the
line above your wife is a local expert too….so i included an extra t-shirt
for her..if she’s not, she can join 😛 I also included an extra one hoping
you’d encourage/bribe a friend to sign up as well.

local experts

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