Expense Of Always Dragging A Larger Burden Today Than Yesterday

04 Mar


Expense Of Yesterday's Burden


Date: Mon Mar 4, 1996 10:50:14 AM

Hey Space, been in a whirl, can't seem to get enough done to satisfy myself, or others who don't seem to know what it is I'm doing, not that I'm too complicated to figure out. Guess I'm gonna have to make a decision here real soon about BBM.

How is it with you, Space? Do you take your work home with you, or are you indeed a clockpuncher with the grand psychological effect that at the end of the shift, you've done all you were supposed to do, no carryover, no related stress. Both Sue and I live lives seasoned by the neverending pile of things to do at the worklevel that relaxation rarely is anything but an already defeated attempt at escape. But it is NOT escape because tomorrow will bring the same piles of unfinished business, and piles more today will plunge through the turnstile. And so the psychological expense of always dragging a larger burden today than yesterday will take its toll. This is my general psychology. It is not Sue's, but the bastardization of standard office practices, some beneficial to her but most of them arbitrary and despotic tugs from boss millionaire unable to stay on budget keep her strings taut with anxiety as financial manager of the hired guns lobby she has been at for nine years.

Anywaze, there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day, and enough of me to go around.

I'm sort of getting in the mood to manage.


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