Forgive Me The Old-Fashioned Romanticist's Tone Of This

15 Dec


Moon Over Deveraux


Dear Skip and Char...

The struggle is clear. Measuring the number and identity of words can hardly suffice to adequately communicate our growing appreciation in learning the ever maddening geometries of kindness. Your spirited grace and warming hospitality as hosts are of course no surprise, but you must be made aware of the keen lift your holiday gathering inspired in our lives. The absolute highlight of my year, trumpets Gabriel. Certain timely conversations carried among beautiful barely named strangers can mask no appeal to clichéd rhythms and roles. Please accept our vigilant thanks. Your energies healed the lame, for it cannot be ignored that the week prior and week following your event, this dancing behemoth was forced to bed with an ailing back of pinched nerves and no man's land.

Charmed. The cold dark Deveraux night lamped in splendid triumph weathering on the misty heels of Paris. It is written. We will cherish and never diminish December 9, 2000, nor unlearn
the spirit Bafalis. Forgive the old-fashioned romantic's tone of this note, but Char, you should have a birthday more often...

Best wishes to both of you plus Josh,

Gabriel Thy

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