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13 Jun


Began In Caves


Thanks for the note. I think this Internet thing will be an eternal debate or at least until the system crashes...—Kara Swisher

Date: Thursday, June 13, 1996 4:40PM

Just had to weigh in on the negative, Rich. That WAPO article of yours got recycled with the rest of the throwaway Sunday leftovers, but I DID scissor and file that Swisher & Schwartz rebuttal as it turns out, so I guess we know into which campfire I stick my baliwick, yet it is also true that when I am in a fresh social situation I usually get around to asking a few talking heads if they relish or what—the Internet, E-mail, and the whole ball of wax—and should they not reply rather sheepishly in the negative while stumbling toward a few words about needing to step up to the plate soon.

I immediately jump in to announce its insignificance for any number of people for any number of reasons, but that's because I think it's a genuine good thing and here to stay unless the whole system crashes in Armageddon or some sour apple like that. It may or may not always be a big money thing, but then doesn't everything eventually lead to that? Take healthcare for instance. Or rock-n-roll.

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