Hey Bob, Playing It By Ear, By A Nose, It's Birthday Bash

08 Sep


My Marilyn Monroe Birthday


Originally published Sept 8 1998

Trust you guys had a fab four days along the suncoast...as you know we will be leaving for eight or nine days next Friday evening after Sue gets off work. I was hoping you or Allie might grab our mail during our absence. We're expecting a few checks to arrive. Peter's schedule is no help at all. He will be in Chicago the first four days we are gone. Then he works evenings, is sort of forgetful on matters which don't fit his "professorial" routine, et cetera...

Also the ladder might be safer in your basement. Let me know if you can help me in this regard. Otherwise I'll make other arrangements. Look forward to hearing your seaside tales, that is if I can hear. I go again to the ENT this afternoon. The infection is still hanging on, even worsening yesterday to such a degree I popped another Tylenol-3 last night. Last week the doctor refilled my prescription, but the infection seems to be maintaining the upper hand. Oh well, playing it by ear. Looks like the weather is shooting us some better days, so that's a relief. More later.

Just a minor config error I found immediately after Maria got out of my hair. God, she doesn't know when to stop...

Originally published Sept 25 1998

Hey Baby, for the birthday bash, you can print this out, or tell folks where to go to print it out for themselves. Direct your favorite browser to:

http://www.scenewash.org and click on the zip code 20003 to take you to
http://www.scenewash.org/marginalia/109map.html for the arrival map & directions, or
http://www.scenewash.org/marginalia/109map2.html for the departure map & directions.

The beer keg is ordered. Digex never called. Bracken with Milun Chow & Tim plus a three hour Peter (5-8) have confirmed their appearances. Bracken will bring veggies. Neither Peter nor Tim reponded to that portion of the email invitation. Bards of a feather I presume...

You left the grocerylist, so I may get snappy & make the Safeway run myself. Love sweetie.

Susanne, you & Hank are invited over to the DH for drinks & grillwerks around fivish on Saturday the 26th if you can manage it. We're grilling wingz & stuffing tacos, keg on tap et cetera. Everybody else is bringing a dish of one sort or another, so be sure to bring your sassy Baltimore swivel...oh no, you just got back from Cape Canaveral last night and this weekend is the Fells Point Festival? Scratch. Top shelf friends, I've got. Makes me question if blood is thicker than spit...

In my tepid world the "feast of friends" is just as much a wash as the common, oh, all too common "giant family" dysfunction I also experience on most fronts. Jim Morrison failed to factor in business interests and how much a restorative Pamela kept his friends around when he made his famous observation.


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