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16 Oct


Please read carefully. This page concerns the provenance or ownership of all images embedded within the journal oriented products presented in these pages.

We know how certain people feel about their images and their so-called original linguistic works. Plagiarism is a nasty word no one dares raise a glass to celebrate. We know the gamut of legal positions an artist might sense is of natural right to them when they or an agent of theirs might stumble upon an image they have created being used somewhere without their permission, or God forbid, their breakthrough commission. I smile in horror at how the original founders only gave copyright ownership to people like us for a mere seven years. I smile because I know they would be appalled at the current condition of their well-reasoned sensibilities. But I digress.


12" x 12" print by Gabriel Thy

Allow SAMPLEX to first apologize if any image found on this or any of the Scenewash affiliated sites does not meet with the legal or the personal conditions set by originator. Please contact us with information of the specific image, or images, and the URL at which they can be found, and we will immediately remove it, or edit our caption to include any requisite photo byline credit.

However, there are many creative common and fair use instances implied in the usage of certain images within articles of this and the other sites. And many of the images were created by and are owned by contributors to this site and the other sites. To emphasize what should be rather self-evident—there is no money being made from these websites with or without the use of images, nor would we consider ever seeking renumeration given our only condition in creating this site is to hold it in trust as a work of art, as a testament to the age in which we have lived, have worked, have chagrined and have celebrated.

We will make every effort to identify any image that cries out for name, rank, and serial number, but often we do not have that information available to us but in the hope that the greater good can be extolled we choose to use an image based on its visual placement as merely paraphrasing context where we hope to honor an image by assigning it a duty as dotage to the article in which it has been only recently associated.

That said, enjoy the site...

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