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17 Oct

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SAMPLEX IS THE NAME of the street zine I created and distributed among a certain demented fan base of Washington DC provocateurs and poseurs in the region's seminal punk and harDCore music scene of the 1980s. This notorious zine was active from 1984-1985, ran eight issues, sold for a couple of dollars or handed out like appleseeds, individually themed, which were filled not with the usual local band lore and raw music sycophancy, but with WS Burroughs-inspired cut-ups, lightly revolting but intended as introspective collage, crude and equally cruddy cartoons, and other riffs and ripoffs mostly poking fun at the scene itself right from the center of all its purported mayhem, destructionist blab, dark winks, and garish verbs with only the occasional invented or imaginary interview. Each issue consisted of 24 pages of tri-folded & heavily stapled panels printed on both sides of 8.5"x14" paper, and xeroxed wherever I could bird dog a copying machine to print out 50-100 copies each issue. That's a lot of FREE or nearly free xeroxing.

This SAMPLEX blog is in capitulation (if not full military honors), for those earliest strategies of art, of DIY self-punishing self-publishing razor-edged malarkey once considered too blasphemous to slam anything but the creepy night crawlers and whiskey-breathed icons of youth. But despite decades of mindless death blowing kinetic rumors that punk is dead, the harsh heavy beat of the global death cult drones on and on and on...

Good riddance, say I, peering into this easy bake oven awaiting me but for an equally rumored redemption that I know little about, but unfortunately this harsh outlook never went away, it went mainstream, and my own work in considering the harsh but necessary agents of vent and resolve seems lame by comparison. However, all things being recoverable until one haunted hour when one of so many rude natural catastrophes that take so much away from so many, hits us where it hurts, look for more reproductions and adaptations of some of the original SAMPLEX zine pages here, later, as we post them.

Having kept an eye on this sort of thing over the years, I note that SAMPLEX has been trademarked finally, but actually exists in several markets, including this forlorn place, as exhibited by any contemporary search engine. As I have been approached twice now about phrases I myself originated by other entities for copyright infringement, I have stood my ground in the truth, that just because someone else with more money came along, and discovered my poetic and nomenclature genius, independently or with a little help in actually stealing my work, my past cannot be erased that easily. It cannot be wiped out because somebody has paid a fee to the government for a word I invented and parlayed for years before they came upon the scene. In fact, I find the whole ruthless naming game rather hilarious.



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