Jim Carroll Entered Through This Portal, Exited Through His Own

14 Aug


The Great Cull


Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 08:50:16 -0500

Okay Cassie. Thanks for the tips and the patronage. Checked out your site, and was impressed by the growth I've seen over the past year or so. I indeed will investigate your leads and make the organizational changes you suggest. As for more detailed info on individual titles, any stuff you zip my way will be appreciated. As I mentioned earlier all the information I have is what is presented to me by the distributor, and you are obviously far more savvy to the JC library than I am, so I will embrace any details you feed me. Thanks again for the nod. Indeed I want to thank you for your promotional link to the Bookskellar.

I have sold several JC books over the past few months, and no doubt have you to thank for it. Give me a week or so to make the changes you've suggested. I've noticed that Amazon has already killed some of their own JC links so I will make a bona fide effort to clean up the carnage on the JC page. Like I say, gimme a few days. Things are rather hectic around here this week. Because I am still unfamiliar with frames, I can only presume that the Bookskellar JC URL will remain the same, although it doesn't show up in the active location cell. Regardless, I will send you a note informing you that the changes have been implemented. Thanks again. And I promise soon, I'll get around to spewing my Jim Carroll anecdotes, for better or for worse. We've never actually been formally introduced, but we crossed each other arrogant paths several times in the Eighties in DC...


Thanks for responding so quickly! After I sent my message to you late last night, it occurred to me that it sounded really pushy, so I'm relieved! I greatly appreciate your interest in this. Also, I'm intrigued that JC is so popular on your site. Hmmm. I'm curious to know more about the numbers you are getting, because I am becoming more and more amazed to discover how many JC fans there are just on the internet. At least three people e-mail me every day asking to be added to my mailing list (sometimes as many as ten in one day), and that's only a small percentage of the people visiting my website. I *think* it gets about 50 hits per day on the website--which amazes me partly because the links on all of the search engines still point to the old "ernie" location, but also because I can't believe there are so many JC fans out there. Of course it could just be the same five people visiting ten times a day...I know that JC fans tend to be sort of obsessive that way (hee hee).

Well, that's enough rambling from me. I hope I can send some business your way, and I
would love to hear your JC stories!

Best wishes,

Cassie Carter
American Thought & Language
229 Ernst Bessey Hall
Michigan State University
E. Lansing, MI 48824

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