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18 Jul

Jamie Holiday

Jamie Holiday


Date: Sat Jul 18, 1998 12:50:49 PM

Thanks Jamie for the Just A Scratch CD and laughs last night. Tried to snatch a look at your website, but it wasn't serving up, a no-show. Uncool. Will try again later. I'm in the web business (designing and maintainance) myself these days.

Am also in the process of setting up another server running right here from the house off a dedicated ISDN line. I'd be interested in hearing more about your own site operation.

Trust I didn't taunt you any more than usual at the club. Don't take this sorry ass out of the house much these days because I just can't find a niche other than loud boring buffoon out there in the pleasure castles of glitterland, so I just stay home with the Macintosh and imagine myself a world in which I am an stickup artist of dubious talent without a lick of social charm.

Crazy Dope Friend. Truly killer song. All That Glitters classic Mott/T.Rex! Great stuff, dude! Had me dancing the ugly in my seat all morning. Have listened to CDF 20 times already this morning. Blarnstoner dead. Long live the Christ!

When I finally get to your site, I'll sign up for your mailing list, and of course in my usual Gabriel unified field theory of social pathology fashion, I've already mapped out a Jamie Holiday section in my Scenewash Project, still unfleshed, but infrastructure firmly in place. Well gotta go get busy somewhere else. Again, it was great seeing you, although you rarely see me when I'm not snockered. Sad. Can't sell a thrill, won't give a damn...



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