I Lied, Here's A Bit More Of My Mind

30 Mar


I Lied


Date: Mon Mar 30, 1998 11:32:20 AM

Ravi, at the mindful expense of possibly appearing to lodge a contradiction, I respectfully suggest that you certainly must feel free to question my assertions if you wish. Otherwise, our exchange will not mutually benefit, nor will it progress past the current state of introductions. I simply ask that we not allow ourselves to get into a bible quote slinging contest. Like in a nuclear war, there are no winners in splitting hairs along the lines of scriptural doctrine. I may eventually relent and give you my address as per your request, but I hope you can likewise respect my current hesitation, and can resolve to yourself the fact that I will probably never write to you or send you pictures. Past experiences have proved a failure in that regard, and although I may be a slow learner in many situations, I do finally learn to curb my losses by not believing at face value everything someone tells me as they are trying to coerce me into doing something I really do not care to experience again.

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