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Nefarious Demands


Originally published April 25, 1997

Nefarious demands...or was that blood I found on my brain this morning? Whoa! What a night? Did I take you home, Steve? No memory. I got lost and awoke from eternity as I suddenly found myself reading Baltimore city signs, and didn't know how I got there. Turned around immediately, getting home around four said the wife this morning. Better than that Bancroft incident back in '88. Got out of Baltimore without incident. Had even forgotten the Charing Cross hours completely, Georgetown wiped off the drive, until she reminded me just now when I called her at the office. I obviously gave her the rundown when I stumbled in. Meanwhile, she didn't get to work until almost noon because the car just quit, yes, just quit while in motion as she pulled off Route 50 onto Courthouse Road. After getting it towed the trouble was diagnosed as the timer belt which requires removing the whole engine block to replace. Gee willikers,complete meltdown...hourly rates and it could have been me last night stuck somewhere in blackout city.

Gotta quit going out period. We don't have the disposable income, especially since ISDN is soaking up another $90 a month in fees and another $800 spread out over three payments for hardware and installation costs. We just can't afford the bar scene anymore, period. My twenty years of debauch are up. My ticket is punched. My cup runneth over. But now I'm trapped by my own words in promising Little Fred that we'd come in Saturday to see his brother Fredo and possible Richard whom we haven't seen in almost twelve years. Fredo is rather recent, maybe a year ago now since we last visited the Cross with him the bartender, and is of less interest to me than seeing Richard in nostalgic terms.

Word games, breathalyzers, and driving for the sheer meanness of it all...


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