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09 Jun


Dig­ni­ty Ain’t Nev­er Been Pho­tographed


From: Karen Span­gler
Date: Wed Jun 9, 1999 1:46:07 PM America/New_York

Hey Gab, It is good to hear you are sur­viv­ing in this crazy world. Sor­ry to hear about your rodent prob­lem. Would you like to have a cat? That would solve the prob­lem. I have one that I’m try­ing to give away. She is a lit­tle sweet thing but I’m sure the rats would­n’t know any dif­fer­ent. Let me know.

Sounds like I missed an adven­tur­ous evening. I haven’t talked to Sue since before you guys went out. I guess I need to give her a call. Sue is pret­ty fun­ny when she has had a cou­ple of drinks. Well, work is just nuts right now. We have a big meet­ing tomor­row with all of the CEOs of Apple, Sun, Dell, IBM, HP, etc. Gab, it was good to hear from you and let’s talk soon. One of these days, you guys have to meet my new main­squeeze!!

It was a nice sur­prise to get mail from you Karen! Yeah, Sue told me about your new guy, but she could­n’t remem­ber his name. My apolo­gies as a result of the folks we were going to flag at the old Par­rot Island Bar chang­ing gears on us, shift­ing the par­ty up to Cock­eysville, which we drove on Sat­ur­day after­noon and back Sun­day morn­ing. Orig­i­nal­ly I was trés stoked on the fact that six of us were a ren­dezvous pack­age pulled togeth­er on short notice and in such poet­ic clock­work form. That would have been won­der­ful serendip­i­ty. When the plan col­lapsed, I was sad, lit­tle boy sad. But we had a good time frol­ick­ing past the flash­bulbs nev­er­the­less.

Susanne and Hank, who live there in Fells Point, are nice enough folks as Mary­lan­ders go, well, Hank is. Susanne can be a bit of a bor­ing snit some­times, but is a fash­ion­ista, and absolute­ly charm­ing when it suits her, so it would have been fun to spend the day on their boat then meet with you guys and the web boo­bie peo­ple at PI that night. Turns out as you may already know by now, new man­age­ment and new name killed those plans. Said Susanne, and lat­er Dave, of the Dave & Jen show. The lat­ter cou­ple are gen­uine­ly nice folks too lemme say. A mar­velous meet­ing them and their friends. Well, Sue got a bit too self-con­scious­ly drunk and nasty for her own sake, but she sur­vived with­out too much loss of face, felt bad for it, and all that, and I think every­body enjoyed meet­ing us, and no harm was done. I whisked Sue out of the par­ty just after one-thir­ty in the morn­ing, and snug­gled her into the Hamp­ton Inn sheets, where she slept like a baby.

I’d snapped five rolls of film, well worth the effort. Now isn’t THAT just dar­ling!

It’s been a busy spring around here, and phooey, after all my hard work, we now host one or more nasty claw­ing stink­ing pesky rats in the house. Above my head while sit­ting at my com­put­er one day last week I heard this scratch­ing and squeal­ing sound com­ing from between the floors. It went on until I start­ed thump­ing at the spot. The noise stopped. A cou­ple of nights lat­er evi­dence was found in the bread loaf left on the night counter. Indeed, rodents had invad­ed. It nev­er ceas­es around here. The war on dig­ni­ty. Coin­ci­dences, mes­sages from the dark­side? This morn­ing I found two holes in my yard. Rat tun­nels. My cup run­neth over!



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