Honored By Sidney Lanier Oglethorpe Poet Laureat Award

15 Apr




Dear Ricky—I hope you got my last e-mail saying I got the airline ticket etc. The reason I wonder is that I did your address for memory, and I may have said .com in lieu of .net. Oh, well, I haven't received the message back—so it probably did go.

I won the Sidney Lanier Oglethorpe Poet Laureat Award for prose—Another classmate got the one for poetry. It was probably the biggest day of my life.

When I embarked on this path of academia, I never expected to get any awards, and now I have two, not to mention a degree. Awards Day is a such big deal at Oglethorpe—All the professors march into the auditorium in their gowns—Very impressive.

Afterwards, we had a free picnic outside with a lot of good food. I really enjoyed myself—so many came up to me and either hugged my neck or shook my hand. Dr. Turner,who teaches accounting, said the thing that impressed him about my winning this particular award is that I am not even an English major—Well, I said to him, I tutored the accounting students, and I am not even an accounting major either. We had a laugh.

Really, can hardly wait to see you.

Love, M

Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 13:13:13 DT
From: Margaret Nix

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