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25 Aug

City Miracles

City Miracles


Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 10:36:16
From: Margaret Nix

Dear Ricky and Sue—yesterday, after several more infuriating telephone conversations with the Irving Park post office, I found out how to get there on the bus and rode over and picked up the money order myself. The redeeming factor to that was, they cashed the money order right there in the post office, so I was able to go get my more professional looking clothes (rather than my school rags) out of the cleaners and once I leave school today, I will get my hair cut, redeem my ring, and still have money in the pocket for another trip out to the Youth Detention Center to be fingerprinted. Once that is done, my next step is the school orientation for new practicums students (interships)on 9/5.

The trip to St. Charles was an exhausting adventure. I got up at 3:30 AM, caught a 4:30 AM bus to the downtown Union Station, walked a few blocks over to another train station, caught the train to Geneva (1 hr.10 min.) and caught another bus, which according to the locals in Geneva would take me to St. Charles. That bus went to Aurora—a two hour side trip for me—and back to Geneva. Once there I caught the bus to St. Charles, the last stop on the line was 3/4 mile from where I needed to be, on a busy highway. I called the detention center, my professor sent a car for me and got another car to get me back to Geneva when our interview was over. The distance is not too far to walk, but the busy highway, especially in the winter is just too much—so, there is a man who rides the train into Geneva and leaves his car parked there to drive over to the detention center, and, once I am working there, arrangements will be made for me to ride that distance back and forth with him. Next Tuesday, I plan to take a cab from Geneva.

I will doing two groups with a doctorate student and I will be given my own caseload of inmates to do therapy with one-on-one, supervised of course. I can see that the biggest challenge in all of this is going to be the trip.

Thank you very much for the money. I appreciate it tremendously.

Hope you are feeling better, Ricky—please keep me posted.

Love, M

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