Very Strong Design, Señor Scenewash

18 Aug


Drawing by Bob Blumstein


At 11:07 PM -0400 8/18/97, Steve Taylor wrote:

Checked out your Scenewash site—very strong design. Let me know as you fill out the content. Btw—are you able to keep the content on the same TabNet server space?

No. I went with SimpleNet, drawn by their persuasive stand behind unlimited storage, unlimited hits. They figger it's a math game they can't lose, balancing less with more, that sort of crunching. I've still never been billed a penny by TABnet, and as I knew I was running out of space with them (30MB), it wasn't good sense to rock the boat by upping my site load with the same account info. The SimpleNet solution presents new variables. Pharaon sits on one of their servers, but because of certain parameters I will register Always & Forever with TABnet (should they decide to accept my 3-tiered proposal submitted yesterday August 18.

In other frivolity, here's a shard of poetry I posted in combat with some other mortal delinquent who likes to tail me, make me look, force me to snarl...

              Aggressor, trangressor, bodily snatch.
              Fire in the cranium, mire in the blood,
              Billions still screaming, "I'm misunderstood!"

              So tell me oh headstones of time and potlatch
              How many stooges does it take to explain
              Nothing truly sinister is ever that lame?

Thanks for the big cheese, Mouse. Reality's real whether you like it or not. Mine doesn't have to be yours. Actually no two realities are exactly the same, like snowflakes, DNA, retina scans, fingerprints, pair of tits, and voices in the wilderness, Master Jack and Billy, too. But it's still reality, and it's facing us down. Besides, there's only so much one man can do to help another. Personally, I've given up the lost cause. It's a killer con, dried me all up inside. Unless an understanding of the reality of one's own analog choices is as powerful an emotion as despising the common jack be nimble of the land, there's no hope worth the word spit. Might as well pack it all in. Trust is everything. Hot air is for balloons. Enjoyed our conversation after we moved past you importing automobiles into Saudi hands. Afraid I'm a disbeliever on that note, dude. Reminded me of something Chas would say. Of course, that's only my opinion. I could be wrong. Meanwhile...

Keep writing. But tell me the truth.


"Don't ask me nothing about nothing, I just might tell you the truth..."
—Bob Dylan

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