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Sock It To Me If You Must, But Let Me Hear From You, Space

07 Dec


Cities Strive


Date: Tue Dec 7, 1999 8:32:10 AM

Space—hey man, wish I knew why it is you have writ­ten me off. You’ve ignored my phonecalls and quit respond­ing to my email Sep­tem­ber a year ago. Being of para­noid mind and body I would have thought that per­haps that lit­tle BBM res­ig­na­tion cri­sis in some unin­tend­ed twist­ed way sealed the vault, or even that Steve Tay­lor on the ride back to Philly might have said some­thing to you to black­en my rep, but we, you and I, actu­al­ly trad­ed a cou­ple more friend­ly notes after your flight back to Seat­tle right up to the time when I scoot­ed for vaca­tion, and while away, had my Inter­net pipeline sev­ered which sig­nalled a very hell­ish year where my ISP and Bell Atlantic were screw­ing me at every turn through absolute­ly no fault of my own, which trans­lat­ed means I had no two weeks of sol­id unin­ter­rupt­ed ser­vice for over a year due to a long series of unre­lat­ed, com­pli­cat­ed and ridicu­lous sna­fus on their end.

But upon my return after a week in South Car­oli­na vis­it­ing fam­i­ly, from you, noth­ing, nada, kaput. What gives? Did your com­put­er get fried? This note is mere­ly a dove look­ing for a twig. Per­haps you still have the same AOL address, per­haps you do not.

I’d just been sort­ing through some of the emails we shared back in 1995 with great fond­ness when wham­mo, the Seat­tle riots break into the news. I’ve been host­ing on my com­put­ers a list­serve of high­ly opin­ion­at­ed, apt­ly edu­cat­ed folks of var­i­ous stripe scat­tered across the globe who have made it their busi­ness to rage against the cap­i­tal­ist machine, and I’d been talk­ing your name up when this WTO thing explod­ed into our con­scious­ness, and thus I grew dou­bly anx­ious to reunite with my old friend.

Please. Let’s end this lock­out, Space. Sock it to me if you must, but let me hear from you. This past year has been awful for me. I watched only pieces of a mere hand­ful of base­ball games, three, maybe four until the play­offs and Yan­kees, but final­ly in Octo­ber my ISP and the tele­phone com­pa­ny final­ly deliv­ered on a rel­a­tive­ly inex­pen­sive, some­what fast full­time con­nec­tion, and yep, it’s been sta­ble, final­ly some relief from these 21 hour days mon­i­tor­ing my damned ser­vice. You would­n’t believe how cramped and crimped my life had become. And look­ing back, despite all my stress and imag­ined immo­bil­i­ty, per­spi­ra­tion and stag­na­tion, a lot has been accom­plished, even if not as much as I would have hoped.

Mean­while my neigh­bor­hood has become a war­zone of drug deal­ers and self-con­fessed whitey haters. Blum­stein has sold out, and lemme tell you, THAT is one long greasy sto­ry, but life is not ever as sim­ple as it seems. You’ve missed out on some of my best writ­ing, and I know I have missed out on yours. Can’t we fix this?

Col­or me wait­ing to hear from you,

aka Fats Bull­win­kle


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""