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03 May


Bird­cage Premis­es


Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 12:41:42
From: Jane

Well, here I am. I guess you deserve to know a lit­tle about your “match”. In anoth­er week I’ll be a col­lege grad­u­ate (BFA in cre­ative writ­ing); I’m fin­ish­ing up my stud­ies at Cam­bridge Uni­ver­si­ty in Eng­land before return­ing to the States. By many stan­dards I would be con­sid­ered a writer or poet, but I know many peo­ple who go by the same label, and I don’t see any sim­i­lar­i­ties. So for what that is worth…

I did go to the sce­newash web­page; because it is still under con­struc­tion, I hes­i­tate to prof­fer my ini­tial opin­ion on it. I tend to be more con­ser­v­a­tive when it comes to “lit­er­ary” activ­i­ties, and the longer I am around, the more I am con­vinced that being a “writer” is sim­ply a license to broad­cast unor­ga­nized, con­fus­ing gar­ble to every­one, with­out the slight­est regard to coheren­cy. So you can imag­ine my views on sce­newash, and I sup­pose I just gave my ini­tial opin­ion despite the reserve. Per­haps it is the DC area that I can­not appre­ci­ate; it seems as if there are many draws on that cul­ture in the web­site which are lost on me. In any case, good luck, but I don’t think you’ll need it. Most peo­ple will love what you’ve done (are doing). All the best—Jane

Dear Jane, thank you for your feed­back. Loved it! Fits right into what most of my detrac­tors tell me, and these detrac­tors are all fel­low writ­ers, and local friends, although one might ques­tion whether or not the word friend­ship should be applied to what it is we hang on the hooks of each oth­er’s rep­u­ta­tion. I would sup­pose you might have stud­ied Joyce, Pound, and Eliot. Had you lived in their day, in terms of writ­ing stan­dards, you might have said the same about them. And no, I am not com­par­ing myself to those three writ­ers, but use them mere­ly to high­light the prin­ci­ple of shift­ing waters. This is no place to argue lit­er­ary the­o­ry in a post-mod­ernist set­ting, espe­cial­ly since my web­site to date boasts very lit­tle of my writ­ing, and is most­ly infra­struc­ture for what I wish to devel­op over time in terms of my own life and where I intend to locate those terms once I write them and orga­nize them, and cross-link through­out. So I cer­tain­ly do not take offense at what you may or may not know about my writ­ing, but real­ize that it is the web­site itself which leaves you dry in the mouth. You prob­a­bly believe that a web­site should be care­ful­ly man­i­cured to a sin­gle top­ic. That’s not my way. That I choose to man­i­fest myself as a whole num­ber, as an enti­ty, and not a top­i­cal mag­a­zine writer I feel is the source of your con­fu­sion. All in all, Jane, I am delight­ed that the com­put­er at Test­Tube picked you as my match.



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