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Sock It To Me If You Must, But Let Me Hear From You, Space

07 Dec


Cities Strive


Date: Tue Dec 7, 1999 8:32:10 AM

Space—hey man, wish I knew why it is you have written me off. You've ignored my phonecalls and quit responding to my email September a year ago. Being of paranoid mind and body I would have thought that perhaps that little BBM resignation crisis in some unintended twisted way sealed the vault, or even that Steve Taylor on the ride back to Philly might have said something to you to blacken my rep, but we, you and I, actually traded a couple more friendly notes after your flight back to Seattle right up to the time when I scooted for vacation, and while away, had my Internet pipeline severed which signalled a very hellish year where my ISP and Bell Atlantic were screwing me at every turn through absolutely no fault of my own, which translated means I had no two weeks of solid uninterrupted service for over a year due to a long series of unrelated, complicated and ridiculous snafus on their end.

But upon my return after a week in South Carolina visiting family, from you, nothing, nada, kaput. What gives? Did your computer get fried? This note is merely a dove looking for a twig. Perhaps you still have the same AOL address, perhaps you do not.

I'd just been sorting through some of the emails we shared back in 1995 with great fondness when whammo, the Seattle riots break into the news. I've been hosting on my computers a listserve of highly opinionated, aptly educated folks of various stripe scattered across the globe who have made it their business to rage against the capitalist machine, and I'd been talking your name up when this WTO thing exploded into our consciousness, and thus I grew doubly anxious to reunite with my old friend.

Please. Let's end this lockout, Space. Sock it to me if you must, but let me hear from you. This past year has been awful for me. I watched only pieces of a mere handful of baseball games, three, maybe four until the playoffs and Yankees, but finally in October my ISP and the telephone company finally delivered on a relatively inexpensive, somewhat fast fulltime connection, and yep, it's been stable, finally some relief from these 21 hour days monitoring my damned service. You wouldn't believe how cramped and crimped my life had become. And looking back, despite all my stress and imagined immobility, perspiration and stagnation, a lot has been accomplished, even if not as much as I would have hoped.

Meanwhile my neighborhood has become a warzone of drug dealers and self-confessed whitey haters. Blumstein has sold out, and lemme tell you, THAT is one long greasy story, but life is not ever as simple as it seems. You've missed out on some of my best writing, and I know I have missed out on yours. Can't we fix this?

Color me waiting to hear from you,

aka Fats Bullwinkle

Tomorrow's Mixer On Capitol Hill

07 Dec


The Mixer


Date: Mon Dec 7, 1998 12:43:56 PM


We enjoyed meeting with you last week, and were encouraged beyond our expectations by the challenges and rewards of working more closely with the Capitol Hill community in the approaching new year. On the heels of another few days of server hardware and subsequent software upgrades, I'm back into the saddle so to speak, and wanted to at least touch base with you. There was one thing I forgot to mention the other evening. We have a small network of older but quite functional Macintosh computers and a laser printer we'd like to donate to a local cause. Perhaps your presence on the Hill has given you a better idea of where we might find a worthy home for these machines. Capitol Hill Ministry, ANC 6B, and the Seventh Street Library come to mind...

Ideally, we would set up the network (or keep them single workstations), and boot them with functional software focussing on word processing and desktop publishing. All 3 Macintoshes can be configured to handle Email, and one is powerful enough for robust Internet-browsing, although extra hardware and of course Internet access would be required.

Perhaps we can discuss this matter more in depth later.

Of course we look forward to tomorrow night's mixer. Could you please refresh my memory with the address of the Bank building in which guests will be gathering?

Thanks again!

Gabriel Thy
Creative Director
Graphic Solutions Ink Systems


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""