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Please Show Me The Courtesy

14 Jul

Clowns Of Society

Clowns Of Society


Date: Fri Jul 14, 2000 11:41:28 AM America/New_York

Small service failures are everywhere, but with a bit of hopeful news and personal grit, Sue writes, "Gill Rogers called and will do the appraisal next Wednesday at 1 PM. His phone number is 703-866-xxxx."

"Thanks sweetie. Guess what? Twenty of twelve and not a peep out of Covad or Toad. What kind of pipehole service is this! And Richard Waller thinks he is such the suffering saint...I don't know what we have to do to get the good Doctor Gaveris to contact us, but what if he doesn't, and doesn't even show up for the closing? Meanwhile this emergency co-location with ToadNet due to our move while we wait for Covad and Bell to settle their differences to install at our new place, is technological hell. Why can't Toad simply restart my machine when a bit of thunder and lightning takes down their power service?"

Never one to miss out on a controversy of time and consideration, the always fluent Richard Waller adds more fire to the boil, "Please show me the courtesy of advising the removal date of my website. Thanks."

My turn. "Dear Sir. Whew! Finally broke down and spent another wad for a dial-up modem since Bell Atlantic and Covad continue to play keystone kinetics with my broadband order (since I no longer had a modem in the house, having giving the last one away to Tim a few months ago). So I come to you courtesy of an AOL connection established two nights ago, just in time for your latest scolding. But back to the business at hand. The site will be dismantled this afternoon with a single click of the button. Trust this satisfies you immensely, GT."

Unfortunately, I have yet to come across the email where he asks for any shutdown date, much less August 31. By inference, I just thought that he wanted it closed. And so I closed it.

Richard responds, "I specifically asked for August 31. Just another example of the difficulty of working with you. Just wrote a letter to Agency Chicago to take a look at it Monday. Will never fogive you for your behavior. Bye bye to you both."

"Gabriel has really bent over backwards (another cliché like shut up) for you because you are family. I really do wonder why when you apologize to us (remember those four or five nasty notes when it was your ISP's problem), it wipes the slate clean, but when Gabriel apologized to you (IN THE SAME NOTE), nothing happens...
A day later, Richard is back. "So you have really removed it before I was ready. I am disappointed in you as a person. I really do think you need help in relating to other people. When Pep or Tommy Hedrick was here Memorial Day, we talked about a possible website for his orchid business. Your name came up. I'll let him know about my bad experience with you."

Another day goes by. Richard again. Timestamp is Sun, 16 Jul 2000 15:55:55 -0400. "I really do like my website and would miss it terribly if it were gone. Please let me know your terms to keep it running for the rest of the year. We can decide before New Year's what to do next."

The next day Sue jumps in a bit late to tame the sharks. Date: 17 Jul 2000 12:47:15 -0400. "Richard, this will be just a short note to reply to you...I will tell you just what I think later when I am not plummeted with my duties here at my office.

"First of all, you should not jump to conclusions about anything that we are or not doing... You must think you are alone in the universe, that anything that happens is only to you or about you. I have told you that our servers are in Annapolis, MD and not immediately reachable to restart when there is a power outage. Gabriel has usually had to drive to Annapolis to take care of the servers. This is what happened on Friday—ALL of our websites where down, not just yours. If you have a question about whether it is just your site or all or ours, go to If the iMote does not come up, then our servers are down, and to repeat, in Annapolis, MD and not immediately reachable! We drove to Annapolis on Saturday to restart our servers and then of course your site came back up.

"Gabriel has really bent over backwards (another cliché like shut up) for you because you are family. I really do wonder why when you apologize to us (remember those four or five nasty notes when it was your ISP's problem), it wipes the slate clean, but when Gabriel apologized to you (IN THE SAME NOTE), nothing happens...

"To quote my beloved, 'Arrogance and humility suck on the same straw.' Just sign me: The Unforgiven & Mistaken, Sue Hedrick," and Sue is outa there. Richard then pastes his plea to Gabriel to please reinstall his website because he is sure he will now miss it, in another note to Sue. A piece of work, this Richard Waller. While we are at it, although she did right by me, the quote is actually:

Ignorance and virture suck on the same straw.

Poor Richard's almanac ends here for now.

Typing With Dignity

07 May

The Shrew

The Shrew


Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 00:51:25 EDT

Dear Gabe—Damned busy myself. Hosted a Poetry Grand Slam at my work tonight (working in a used bookstore—there is a god!) Just finished a 7-week community theatre run of Taming of the Shrew, and I'm starting to feel a bit crispy. I checked out the site; interesting spot.

Not much wordage out of me, written-wise in a while. John Carle someitmes prints my odds and ends in his webzine, Gravity. which is a long-standing spot I highly recommend. But the honest truth is, I'm such a Luddite anymore that if a tree didn't die in the publishing, I'm less than patient with any magazine. The net has become a necessity, like a telephone, and, unless those Freenet guys have the impact that some predict, it's nothing much more than pay-per-show TV.

Glad you're moving out of the DMZ—I've learned in recent years to understand about hearing gunshots at night (in the summer, several times a week). Hell of a world, and probably just what we really planned back when...though the reality of near-anarchy is rather nastier on the nerves than the theories and predictions were. Oh, well, maybe we'll swing Fascist for a decade or two, see if that works...

Good luck in your endeavors, send interesting things. I'll check into that site and send what small intelligence I may from Deep in the Heart of Happy Valley—the Promised home to the fools who followed dick-head with the tablets and burning foliage. —M

Damn, Max, seems neither one of us can type with any dignity, and since that website has such a polysyllabic crunch to it, it's a wonder I ever found it. Meanwhile, I was checking out the Ernest-Curry wedding snaps until the server failed after a few closeups.

Did you cast to type? I'd pencil you in for a Lucentio to Roland's Baptista.

Katherine – The “shrew” of the play’s title, Katherine, or Kate, is the daughter of Baptista Minola, with whom she lives in Padua. She is sharp-tongued, quick-tempered, and prone to violence, particularly against anyone who tries to marry her. Her hostility toward suitors particularly distresses her father. But her anger and rudeness disguise her deep-seated sense of insecurity and her jealousy toward her sister, Bianca. She does not resist her suitor Petruchio forever though, and she eventually subjugates herself to him, despite her previous repudiation of marriage.

Petruchio – Petruchio is a gentleman from Verona. Loud, boisterous, eccentric, quick-witted, and frequently drunk, he has come to Padua “to wive and thrive.” He wishes for nothing more than a woman with an enormous dowry, and he finds Kate to be the perfect fit. Disregarding everyone who warns him of her shrewishness, he eventually succeeds not only in wooing Katherine, but in silencing her tongue and temper with his own.

Bianca – The younger daughter of Baptista. The lovely Bianca proves herself the opposite of her sister, Kate, at the beginning of the play: she is soft-spoken, sweet, and unassuming. Thus, she operates as Kate’s principal female foil. Because of her large dowry and her mild behavior, several men vie for her hand. Baptista, however, will not let her marry until Kate is wed.

Baptista – Minola Baptista is one of the wealthiest men in Padua, and his daughters become the prey of many suitors due to the substantial dowries he can offer. He is good-natured, if a bit superficial. His absentmindedness increases when Kate shows her obstinate nature. Thus, at the opening of the play, he is already desperate to find her a suitor, having decided that she must marry before Bianca does.

Lucentio – A young student from Pisa, the good-natured and intrepid Lucentio comes to Padua to study at the city’s renowned university, but he is immediately sidetracked when he falls in love with Bianca at first sight. By disguising himself as a classics instructor named Cambio, he convinces Gremio to offer him to Baptista as a tutor for Bianca. He wins her love, but his impersonation gets him into trouble when his father, Vincentio, visits Padua.

Tranio – Lucentio’s servant. Tranio accompanies Lucentio from Pisa. Wry and comical, he plays an important part in his master’s charade—he assumes Lucentio’s identity and bargains with Baptista for Bianca’s hand.

Gremio and Hortensio – Two gentlemen of Padua. Gremio and Hortensio are Bianca’s suitors at the beginning of the play. Though they are rivals, these older men also become friends during their mutual frustration with and rejection by Bianca. Hortensio directs Petruchio to Kate and then dresses up as a music instructor to court Bianca. He and Gremio are both thwarted in their efforts by Lucentio. Hortensio ends up marrying a widow.

Grumio – Petruchio’s servant and the fool of the play—a source of much comic relief.

Biondello – Lucentio’s second servant, who assists his master and Tranio in carrying out their plot.

Christopher Sly – The principal character in the play’s brief Induction, Sly is a drunken tinker, tricked by a mischievous nobleman into thinking that he is really a lord.

Covad failed AGAIN to install my DSL line this afternoon. It's hard to swallow, like a fist-sized anti-anxiety chit, that one person can have so much failure generated in his name, but I sure have, of late. Is America's social dysfunction so agonizingly, so rigidly complete...


About As Real As Jesus On The Mule

07 May




10:30 AM 4/29/99, Sue Hedrick wrote:
Think this is real?

About as real as Jesus on the mule. Tim called this morning to thank us for yesterday's invitation, but he was out and didn't get back until late. Said he will no doubt see us this weekend as he's on tap to help Peter out the door. Saturday, he said. Looking forward to renovating the room for Mother. If the new furniture, both tiers of it, will be ready for pickup by Saturday, which is May 1, then I will go ahead and rent something. The phoneline at the Bladensburg U-Haul outlet has been busy for the past fifteen minutes, but we can get a small truck for $19.95 for half a day or something like that, certainly worth it.

Toad went dead, but it's back up again. Maria finally got here at 9:50, suffering sinus & weakness after a day on the Chesapeake yesterday. Trying to keep up with the BS Hedricks I suppose. Charming. Well, no xDSL today. Toad turned to Covad who is now turning to Bell. There's a short in some connection somewhere. We seem good here. Software is configured and Toad is on top of things. Hopefully sometime tomorrow we'll have 1.1 mps service but I ain't counting chickens. Just got this from Glenn Dagliesh:

My plan is if you want to keep that ISDN as backup I can talk with you about the different possiblities. If not once the Covad circuit is live we will just move the .190 address to the flowpoints, ethernet and all should work seamlessly.

There is an open ticket for the Bell-Covad issue and I expect to hear from them shortly.

Date: Wednesday, May 05, 1999 11:24 AM

Chris Titus is loafing as usual, but he's here in bits & pieces. He found a nest of rats, killed one baby underneath those gangly bushes. We're taking them down to chest level, after he whacked the rose bush before I pointed out my wish to keep it up. He says it may take 3 years or more for the bushes to come back. Hope we have the patience to wait that long, but meanwhile, we've got a front yard! A real front yard. Full of dirt right now but ready for something fancy. I'm glad we've opened it up although we will probably miss the bushy greens in the short term.

Please seek out Erika Fischer sometime before she leaves today in case I am out when she calls and she doesn't think to email me the results of her budget-finding tryst with Dave Stirpe this afternoon.

Still nothing from GSI. Love my baby though.

Date: Friday, May 07, 1999 11:24 AM

Hey Glenn. Back online? Seems to be. Thanks. Talked to the office. Know we are still waiting on the Bell-Covad meeting called in my honor.

Whoa. just zoomed into my browser. Toad's in, slower, but in. I talked to Dan yesterday. Told him I was concerned about the last IP address in my present string of 16 since the ISDN router is, and always has been at .190 and I am not completely clear how that effects my BIG PICTURE. You later said that you had to use the .190 in some upline, meaning towards Toad, slot in the config scheme on the xDSL line. So my question is: once the current xDSL snafu is cleared and the line supposedly goes "live" and is checked as "live" what does that do to my ISDN line? Snuff it? Cause problems with the xDSL on my end since I have each box on my LAN configured to route out through the .190 IP address? When my .190 is lost to your upstream xDSL config, but the actual FlowPOINT box sits at .184 isn't that the address I need to config in my LAN setups before I can surf & serve the new line? If it is, that of course is no problem, but I just need to know when is the best time to execute the change.

Got the official Toad Notice. That was cool, wet, and comforting, a nichewerk! Keep it up guys. I'm trying to hang. I really am, but it's been a long frustrating nine months trying to run my servers fulltime.

Since I am now up again, I presume, short of another snip or two in the TELCO world, that yadda yadda software glitch that caused the rather extended outage at the Toadpoint in early part of this week, I am back to normal, actually better than normal with the ISDN, well, uh, BECAUSE YOU SAY IT IS SO.


Gabriel Thy
Graphic Solutions Ink Systems

Richard Waller's Famous God Said Sonnets

15 Apr


The Famous God Said Sonnets


Date: Thu Apr 15, 1999 3:36:04 AM

Hey baby—Richard's site should be up, domain name progigated throughout the system, et cetera. You can find it here. Maybe you could dazzle the old buzzard if you could take him by the library today or tomorrow before you leave Albany to see his site, preferably on a Mac.

It's 3:30 in the wee morning, and I've got to get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy one with the Covad mess, and hopefully more gardening before the heavy rains expected by early afternoon wreck all my unplanted boxes. The image map on the website is not coded, but I will get to it as soon as I can. Otherwise the site is fully operational via the text links. Hope he likes the aesthetics. Colors I used coordinate really well with the cover of the book. Always attentive to the details...

Oh, Hechinger refused my credit card with me standing there registered up with $160 worth of goods. I used the AMEX card but not before I let the supervisor woman know she had really pissed me off with her attitude, lack of concern, and no, I didn't want to open another flippin' account. They issue you a credit card, and if it's dormant for say, a year, they close your account. Do they really expect you to run it up on power tools just because you agreed to their plastic 24% convenience? That's sick...

Hope you get this in time to show Richard his site...

Love and safety tips,

Lonesome baby


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""