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Wobbling Thru This Astral Belt Of Netscape Mail Temptation

09 May

Lady Of The House

Lady Of The House


Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 09:21:46

Holy Cow, whatta mess. Just looked at my pages thru the AOL looking glass and was floored with chaos and disappointment. Definitely need to emphasize screen width and Netscape preferences as the ONLY way to view my pages properly, or else tone down the design of my pages, and I certainly don't want to do that. You know things improve vastly with confidence and proper coding. Damn. I'm still wobbling thru this astral belt of Netscape mail.

IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE? Can't seem to get any mail here in the guise of (uhm, what is sillier, confusion or just plain delusion?)

Checking my mail, using Eudora I saw your e-mail address pop up Steve, and I thought, whee, finally. A few secs later, a message saying no new mail abruptly changed my cheers into jeers.

Shipman is back, or should I say, I am back on an even keel today, and although much was babbled last night I don't really think Tim ever REALLY fathoms what I mean about his trademark presumptiousness. He simply redirects anything I say about him toward me, of how I presume his actions, and the beat goes on. I summed it all up this morning with this:

"So Tim, lemme try to put some perspective on last night with a paraphrase of Henry Ford who said, 'You can have any color car you want so long as that color is black. In other words Tim, you can be as loud and as proud, as chaotic and as raucous as you wanna be, so long as it fits within the norms of the Gabriel and Sue schematic...blah blah blah"

He responded, "Oh I guess that means I should ask first before I plan anything."

Doris Day had a saying, "Que sera sera..." Guess I wasn't clear enough when he moved in that he wasn't inheriting a group house situation, he was a paying guest in our home.



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