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Around The World In Eighty Days Crying Like A Fish

11 Jul

Knowl­edge, like mon­ey
Steals that which the flaw­less abide by
And starves them to empha­sis,
Its basic need dri­ving, brib­ing, grind­ing
Sil­ly eccentrics sad to see you glad­ly
Won’t let them share their say­ings
We nonethe­less buy we sell like accu­mu­la­tion seed.
What more need I con­fess?

Around the world in eighty days,
I can work on it. If I can get out of this old chair.
Like debu­tantes old bal­loons have burst,
Forc­ing hands of will to engrave my unde­ter­minable ech­e­lon ways.
Every­such is a mot­to of peace. In some cir­cles we squared up.
There the mar­tyrs burned their draft cards
In water. No one knows what the secret pays.
Fools of his­to­ry want­i­ng a chance,
The Home­land of Pre­tense

Web­less seam­less rechan­neled unmea­sured below,
Uncork­ing chat­ter of a pop­u­la­tion too dis­turbed to wink
Storms the barn­yard and con­struc­tion site flat­tery, so
Tall engi­neers can plan tomor­row ampli­fy­ing blank choic­es.
Rid­ing ele­phant ears I sigh alone since I must,
In swank obe­di­ence to the laws of gra­tu­itous dust.
Suck­ing silk and abstract nois­es, I too am frankly human,
As if any sci­en­tist or poet could ever pin us down.
Cross the bridge riv­er over rigid, as you also must, but remem­ber—
Don’t let your begin­nings
Rule out mine… you are in place
Only to count out mea­sure.
I was assured of a min­i­mum wage,
I took it, felt sat­is­fied
Til anoth­er day came.

Around the world in eighty days,
I can­not always always it. 99.9% lure. The oth­er mere lie.
(Still wait­ing for the math­e­mat­i­cal cure…)
West­er­ly planks of a down­trod­den brow
Blow Wednes­day evenings week­ly as the tulip race leaves,
And drunk­en sen­tences grow­ing longer, stronger in dark­ness.
Sage ambi­tion, cur­dled rage, the caged bel­lows remarked
Gro­cer the codes we are spin­ning by
In sim­ple acts of cul­tur­al bias,
Love’s attri­tion a lat­ter day event.
“Actu­al­ly, in spite of yes­ter­day,
Tomor­row can behave like today,”
Says the bum in search of his oppos­ing thumbs.
Fools of his­to­ry want­i­ng a chance,
The Home­land of Pre­tense

Vows of virtues and safe­ty,
You’ve seen my frag­ile ghost
Respect this place before, cost­ing many
More hours hard labor, sens­ing the after­math.
Time is cling­ing close to earth now, while
Igno­rance and virtue suck on the same straw,
Show­ing irate mid­dle age nubiles and nean­derthal­is­tic laws
The dif­fer­ence between zero and noth­ing.

Around the world in eighty days
Cry­ing like a fish,
The lazy page boy requires becom­ing
The prime nov­el­ist
March­ing the streets
Some­li­ness every­where greets.
Life he kissed. And then sped off.
Fools of his­to­ry want­i­ng a chance,
The Home­land of Pre­tense

[ 1982, Atlanta ]


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""